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Posted by Harder Than You Think on July 11, 2017 at 08:32:05:

In Reply to: Re: State of Affairs in So Cal posted by Point Taken on July 11, 2017 at 07:27:48:

: : : : : : : : : : 6 wins in 36 games. Tough season for the so cal teams. Time to consolidate forces.

: : : : : : : : : Having multiple so cal teams wasn't an issue before. Talent is just light for class of 2018

: : : : : : : : Not much talent in Southern California this year period.

: : : : : : : We keep saying it and a few keep denying it. The girls are heading toward volleyball and soccer. Basketball is no longer the preferred sport. There are fewer girls and there are fewer elite girls. This is the new normal.

: : : : : : It always goes in cycles. It has always gone in cycles. It will always go in cycles. Talent and participation peaked about 8 years ago here in Orange County. It held up pretty well for a few years after that, then began to fall pretty steadily. There's probably a couple more years before it bottoms out and then it will start to rise again. That's not to say there aren't great players and great teams out there, but the overall numbers and depth drop.

: : : : : And so, it is time to conslidate some teams. So Cal wants to have a good representation of talent. This is similar to being RELEGATED in the Soccer leauges over in Europe.

: : : :
: : : : There is a down cycle in participation, and more elite athletes are being drawn to other sports, particularly volleyball.

: : : : A friend of mine who played Pac 10 Women's basketball has daughters who both play volleyball. Had no desire to play hoops past middle school. Why? No contact, more structured environment.

: : : : We would meet up at VB tournaments and she would just start pointing out all the players who would never have played VB when she was in high school because they would all be playing basketball.

: : : : Had another friend who pulled his daughter out of hoops in middle school for soccer. Said it was easier to get a scholarship.

: : : : I pointed out participation levels at that time - which was way more by soccer - and all of sudden she is back at hoops.

: : : : Parents are chasing scholarships - If you are six feet tall and/or can jump high, you are almost guaranteed a scholarship, regardless of athletic skill level in volleyball.

: : : : It will swing back. But it would help if basketball was less corrupt and more structured.

: : : : As for current Nike League situation, I would cut one team, and mandate well-publicized and well-run tryouts. Until these clubs start picking teams and not "names" or kids that "have paid their dues in the program", we will continue to suffer on the national level.

: : : : Normally, summer tourney scores don't matter as long as they are competitive - it's about exposure for the girls to coaches.

: : : : However, the Nike League is about winning. So pick teams that can win, not the ones with the flashy names that make it seem like you should win.

: : : TI totally agree stop picking socalled big name players and build real teams. Cal Sparks was given good teams a while back. After the infusion of players he could not see the real players and thus is the down fall good nite sparks.

: : Sad to say girls basketball has a big problem: the WNBA. Perception of being the home of "alternative lifestyles" leads many moms to put daughters in more "feminine" sports like volleyball (and slightly less so: soccer). Having said that-the same was said about the LPGA Tour 30 years ago, and I don't think you'd say that anymore! If the scholarships are there and the numbers are down, the numbers will rebalance at some point...

: : The re-balance hopefully will happen, but the NON-CONTACT sports like volleyball will continue to rise in participation. Also, players get to CHEER after every play and the SKILL SET for volleyball is easier to acquire and become proficient at.

The volleyball skill set is very hard to become really good at. It is very technical - footwork, hand/eye, positioning, arm angles, approach angles, how the ball is passed/hit, etc. The margin for error is very small at the elite level.

Unlike basketball, where superior athleticism can get you buy, the VB court size neutralizes that and it becomes more about execution.

Another issue is accessibility. There are plenty of hoops around to shoot at. And you can work on ball handling by yourself anywhere with a ball.

VB requires a net and other people to practice. So unless you live near a beach community, you really only get to work on skills at HS or club practice.

In the end, the skill sets are different and both require a lot of work to become elite at.

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