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Posted by Just the Facts on June 28, 2017 at 10:11:53:

In Reply to: Re: Viewing Tournaments posted by Somewhat agree on June 28, 2017 at 08:29:47:

: There are multiple issues with switching the model to high school over club.

: First, they can go to viewing tournaments and see many more quality players. For instance, on my daughter's high school team, there are 2 of them that can play at the next level. On her club team, there are 10. Multiply that over many teams and the numbers are obvious that viewing tourneys are a better deal for college coaches.

: Second, most high school coaches are average at best. They don't get paid much. Some are teachers making a little extra cash. Also, if high school becomes the primary recruiting tool, the disparity between public an private schools will only grow larger as they pay their coaches more. And yes, I know there are plenty of clown club coaches, but I know many more competent club coaches than high school coaches.

: Third, how many kids end up playing out of position in high school. Kids forced to play center because they are the tallest, but on their club team they are a 2 or a 3? Or the shooter/scorer that has to play PG on their high school team because they are the best dribbler?

: Also, many high schools, because of lack of talent/height/coaching just sit in simple zones. Good club teams play mostly man, and when they do play zone, it is usually some kind of match-up and/or trapping zone.

: And I know you can find examples on both sides where the above isn't true. But in the majority of cases, viewing environments are better for the colleges.

: What I do agree with is stop rewarding "athletes" and recruit "players". Ideally, you recruit athletic players. But many schools feel they have to recruit what and who everyone else is, then when they don't get players 1-10, they are stuck with players 30-40 because that is what is left. Had they gone after 10-20 initially, they would be better off.

I agree with #1 above which is the biggest reason D1 coaches prefer to recruit through club ball. Also the level of competition is much higher at the AAU level. College coaches are wary of offering a kid who can score 20 against subpar competition but is unable to get her shot off against higher level players.

#2 is true however club coaches are also mostly terrible even at the big clubs. Most EYBL franchises have 2 teams that they showcase, but the rest of their teams are coached by guys or ladies who are just getting a paycheck. Independent teams are a mixed bag too, with some genuinely good coaches but also some Rec League dads and lots of in between.

Also I disagree with #3. Kids play out of position in club also - someone who might be a natural 1 plays 2 because there's already a good 1 who has the starting spot locked up. Or a natural 4 whose daddy thinks she's a 1 and the coach is willing to indulge. Kids who want to attend college should be versatile, able to play on or off the ball, in the post or out on the perimeter. Learn skills and be able to play multiple offensive and defensive sets. The more you can help a school, the more likely they are to offer you.

So with Athletes vs Players, players might have more value to colleges than raw athletes although some programs prefer one over the other. If you have two kids with the same skills of course you take the one with better length and speed. But rarely is the choice so obvious. Schools don't really recruit "1-10" or "30-40". They are looking for a specific need and they are looking for it 2-3 years ahead of when they need it.

Talking with coaches the story is always the same: they want kids who will come in the door with minimal expectations, willing to work hard and learn, have a passion for the game, stay out of trouble, get good grades, and give 100% when they get an opportunity. They can teach a kid how to correct their jump shot. They can't teach a kid how not to be a head case.

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