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Posted by POS on June 21, 2017 at 01:06:21:

In Reply to: Re: MD posted by Coach Neil on June 20, 2017 at 12:41:30:

: : : : : : Man, MD coming strong for next season!

: : : : : Not saying you are wrong, but that means nothing.

: : : : : Obviously you are inferring people are transferring in.

: : : : : Give names.

: : : : no transfers

: : : No transfers but we got a nice 6'2" wing coming in as a 9th grader coming in, along with some really good young talent returning. We will be a Ok, go monarchs

: : You mean a 10th grade 6'2" wing coming in. She is a holdback, which means that she isn't that special or really any good.

: That's an incorrect blanket statement right there. So you are saying that if you are in 8th Grade, very good, a special player. Then you repeat the 8th Grade, you no longer are any of those things? Better yet, if she was held back when she was younger, like when she was eight years old, do you think it was even her decision? How about we stop bashing kids for no reason POS.

Here's the thing, you can't compare a holdback to the class or grade they are in because they have a year of development and a year of maturity and growth over everyone else that is in their grade. If you want to compare a holdback then you have to compare them to the grade of class that they are supposed to be in. Therefore, to me that makes her not special because she is a 10th grader and she looks good but right now I can name kids that are in the 10th grade that are better than her. Heck, I can name some freshmen that are better than her. But to have her travel ball coach talk and shop her around and one of the first things mentioned was that she was a holdback. If it was a nonfactor then why mention it? I would be more excited or intrigued if she were a true freshman, than maybe I would hold her in a better regard. As for your comment on stop bashing kids for no reason, what did I say that was wrong? If you can't take criticism or the truth than don't go onto a site and boast about things. Just like everyone is excited about LeMelo Ball I think he is overrated. Am I bashing him for saying that? Maybe you and others need to grow a pair and understand that not everything is puppy dogs and rainbows.

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