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Posted by POS on June 07, 2017 at 19:38:19:

In Reply to: Re: coaching changes posted by frankieboy on June 07, 2017 at 14:25:05:

: : : : : two schools that coaches should think about before coaching there. first is bishop amat, they just fired there 3rd coach in 3 years. so next year seniors will have there 4th coach in 4 years. I don't know whats going on with that once proud program but its a mess. I wouldn't want to coach there, and if you want to coach there you would be advise to ask some simple questions like what do you expect from a coach and why so many coaching turnovers in a short period of time. they may not answer that last question, but its good to ask. also st. joseph in Lakewood just hired a new coach for next season after they fired coach Garcia after just 1 season. this would be the 3rd coach in 3 years and the 5th coach in the last 10 years. the problem here is the principal does not care for sports. this has been a problem at the school for many years. she doesn't care about the coaches because the school tells the coach how to run his program. I wish this new coach the best, but he should not expect much support and don't expect much loyalty from the administration. again if I were you coach lee , I would have done research on why there was a high turnover rate at st. joseph before taking this thankless job.

: : : : Cough* Cough* PARENTS!!! Cough* Cough*

: : : Coach Garcia resigned.He did the smart move.He did a great job with no talent.He was lied to .That's why he left.Take that to the bank.
: : : e

: : good for coach Garcia. he is not the only coach that the administration has lied too. I am a parent of a st. joseph alumni who played basketball 2 years ago and a bosco parent. I remember how the coaches at that time wanted to do fundraisers for the basketball program and to use that money for stuff like, shooting machine, rebounding machine and other basketball related items. for fours we raise a lot of money and did not get anything. the coaches were lied to by the administration by saying that they would give the money directly to the basketball program, but instead the coaches found out through the A.D. that the money went to the general fund of the school. so to the new coach lee, this is not bosco where you get the support of the administration this is a whole different animal. i wonder why you or anybody would take this job with the history the school has had. i wish you all the luck in the world. just remember there is no loyalty from this school.

Okay so after reading the comments on here about St. Joseph and how the administration apparently has sabotaged the basketball coaches and the program. I find that very hard to believe. Sorry St. Joseph parents. The reason I have such a tough time not believing the St. Joseph parents is the fact that the other "big time" sports programs at St. Joseph have been successful. Volleyball won a CIF Championship and made it to the regional finals in the state playoffs. Soccer had a down year and lost in the first round but two years ago made it to the CIF finals. Softball made it to the semifinals this year.

So my question to the parents that are accusing St. Joseph administration of lying, stealing and doing everything they can to keep basketball down, why are all of the other sports having success? Wouldn't all of the other sports be in disarray because of those meddling administration and their lying and stealing? That is why I can't believe you.

I know nothing about St. Joseph but looking from the outside I can't why you would blame the administration for the basketball troubles. Especially since these other programs are being successful with the same administration that basketball deals with. I would believe your accusations about the St. Joseph administration if every sport was suffering the same fate as the basketball program was. The basketball program despite the coaching turnover has been marginally good. They play in a decent league with other like teams instead of being in a top notch league getting blown out every game. With the whole CIF equality thing St. Joseph is in a watered down division where St. Joseph could be successful.

The only other thing that could be causing the problems at St. Joseph points back at the parents. The parents ran off two good coaches because the coaches weren't playing their kids so the parents went crying to the same administration and got the coaches either fired or the coaches resigned. The problem with private schools is everything is funded by parents and donors. So when these parents pay for things they expect things in return. But when things aren't to their liking they start to cry and whine about how they don't like their money going elsewhere or how their kid still is on the bench even thou mommy and daddy are donating the most money. This doesn't happen at just St. Joseph just look around and you will see that it happens everywhere but at St. Joseph it is a problem. That is why I think that the parents are the problem and it will continue to be the problem at St. Joseph.

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