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Posted by Relax on May 24, 2017 at 22:12:57:

In Reply to: Re: Pre Viewing Period injuries posted by POS on May 24, 2017 at 18:05:35:

: let me get this straight. It is up to the coaches to make sure that YOUR kids are resting? Really? You parents truly are clueless on how to take care of your kids. You parents think that teachers, coaches and everyone else is supposed to take care of your kid. Make sure that your kid is educated and but not overwhelmed with complex homework. God forbid that your kid gets a D in their history class because it wouldn't be your kid's fault or YOUR fault as a parent, it would be the teacher's fault because the teacher hates your kid. Instead, of helping your kids with a subject or topic by sitting down trying to engage to help them you just dismiss it as the teacher is evil or doesn't know how to teach.

: Well, that's what you parents do to coaches as well. I laughed when you said that coaches are out there playing 25-30 games before a viewing tournament just be selfish and stroke their own ego. That is exactly what we do as coaches. Our ego is more important then your kid's wellbeing or making sure that your kid has a ride to a game or a money for lunch. Yup, us coaches ego are more important than teaching your kid about life and that hard work will be rewarded. Our ego is more important then your kids going to college.

: Putting our egos aside, most of us coaches use games as a way to teach kids fundamentals and having them getting better with game situations. Because to me, practice is a way to hone your skills. Get a better understanding of offensive plays, defensive plays, inbound plays. Having players work on drills and basketball skills.

: In my opinion, You can practice every day for 5 days a week all offseason but what would happen in that first game of the regular season when the other team has kids that are better or if your kids are put in a situation they are not comfortable in and they turn the ball over and the team loses by 40. YOU would be yelling at the coach and yelling at your kid's teammates. All of you parents would talk after the game about how the coach doesn't know anything and how much your coach is clueless and doesn't know basketball.

: We use offseason games as a way to get kids ready. Put them out there and see what happens. We can do that in practice but practice is a simulation. Playing a game allows a kid to get better and grow mentally and be more confident.

: But YOU think we are just being selfish or stroking our ego. I hate to break it to you, but you are the problem with basketball. YOU, not the coaches or anybody else. YOU! Every parent on here that think they know more or know better than a coach. You are the reason your kids and your kid's team will never be successful because you undermine the coach and what the coach is trying to do. Instead, just sit back and worry about your kid.

: If you feel that the coach is playing too many games or stroking their ego then go talk to the coach and say those 25-30 games you are playing for yourself is too much for my kid and they need a break. Tell the coach, we will still go to the games and we will still go to every practice but MY kid is going to sit out a game here or there because I want them to rest. But don't just not show up to a practice or a game. Your kid needs to be a good teammate and friend for her team.

: If you feel that your kid can't handle playing so much basketball then I recommend them not playing club/travel ball and just play with her high school team. If your kid's high school team does nothing during the offseason then have her play club/travel ball. If your kid is doing both and you think it too much for them then I recommend you making sure your kid get rest. As a coach, if a kid shows up to a game in uniform, we are going to play them. If you think your kid needs rest then talk to the coach and have your kid sit out a game. However, don't have your kid sit out a game just so your kid can later go play in a viewing tournament or for their club team. If you do that, then you are insulting the coach and the team.

: As for doing high school stuff and visiting colleges that is not a coach responsibility, that is once again a parent's responsibility. If you want a team to goto a college basketball camp those camps cost money. If you parents want the team to goto camps and visit college's then fork over the money to make it happen. But parents complain any time coaches ask for more money for an out of area tournament or to play in offseason leagues to help kids get better and more time on the court. As parents know, everything costs money. Schools don't have the budget to pay for a lot of the extracurricular activities that sport teams do when school is not in session. So that financial burden falls onto the parents and I know most parents will not want to pay for things that could make their kids high school athletic career better.

Sensitive much? Because most elite teams don't play during June. Because most college coaches - at all levels - will tell you kids play too much. And they need more skills and less games.

No one said coaches need to pay for college visits or anything else. Maybe just dial back on the lame local tourneys for a couple weeks so they can go on the visits. Because while parents may want their kids to take a break for that stuff - they don't want it held against them.

You are right games show you how to use the skills taught in practice. But they don't need tournaments every weekend. There is a good balance.

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