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Posted by Makes me laugh on May 22, 2017 at 13:35:23:

In Reply to: Re: Looking for a Good Public School in SGV posted by SGV Watcher on May 21, 2017 at 18:10:18:

: : : : : : : : I am relocating for my job to SGV, what public schools have good programs with solid coaches in the area. I am also looking for a school with decent academics.

: : : : : : : LOL!!! Someone is fishing here...

: : : : : : How about solid academics and decent coaches? Would that work?

: : : : : Academics? Try these schools
: : : : : 1. Walnut
: : : : : 2. Diamond Bar
: : : : : 3. Rowland
: : : : : 4. Glendora

: : : : : Coaching is a matter of opinion on what style of coaching and playing style you think your daughter will mesh with. The question will be what kind of parent are you gonna be?

: : : : If you want coaching try Duarte & Covina I believe those two schools have the best coaches

: : : Undue influence?

: : LOL!! Undue influence? Where have you been? Athletic motivated transfers are allowed now. Just because your daughter's school or team haven't been mentioned you want to pull out undue influence like CIF will see this and punish any kid that enrolls at the schools mentioned. Any school in the SGV could get the #1 rated kid in Southern California and it will not matter because all the schools in the SGV suck. These schools have had some great players but none of these coaches want to play anybody good. These coaches and parents keep trying to make these schools in the SGV relevant but everyone knows that these schools play nobody and every coach in the SGV always get outcoached. Just look at the history. Rowland played nobody with all of their so called talent and when Rowland played a good team they lost. The same goes for Diamond Bar, Duarte, Walnut, Covina, Glendora and every single school in the San Gabriel Valley. If your kid is a good basketball player take her out of the San Gabriel Valley. You can live in the SGV but please send your kid to a school outside of the SGV. There are so many schools outside of the SGV that are better than every school in the SGV in both academics and in basketball.

: POS, You talk a lot of stuff but you have offered nothing. Where would you suggest this person take their daughter? The OC or the IE? Both are relatively close but exactly what schools are you talking about? OC is a tough drive in the morning. You don't go to Brea, Brea comes to you. Los Osos is suppose to be up and coming, time will tell if admin will screw it up again. The 2 programs that have improved the most over the last couple of years are Glendora and Walnut. Glendora made the final in a weak division, but they did make the final. Walnut beat Los Osos (they went to the state final) this season. Covina played Rowland tough twice in league. Duarte is going to be well coached and prepared. If you want academics, you can't go wrong with Walnut or Diamond Bar. I dare you to find a school any place that can match these 2 schools. (Maybe Troy) It's cool that you comment, but you should offer alternatives. Don't just put these schools down. My advice to them would be to go to where ever their home school is first. If they are a player they will improve that program.

You cant compare these small valley high schools to the giant 3,500+ student high schools in the IE. They are better because they have three times the students. Which Makes me laugh they play schools smaller than they are but cant play any schools bigger because we have nothing bigger. So dont dawg out Duarte, Walnut, Covina, Glendora etc when they have less students. If you combined these high schools together they would be just as good as the IE schools

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