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Posted by Different Priorities on May 11, 2017 at 08:58:17:

In Reply to: Re: How to get a scholarship posted by Interesting on May 11, 2017 at 08:39:18:

: : : : : : : Posted this as a response in another thread, but thought it might be worth its own.

: : : : : : : Parents understand this, the camps you go to and the clubs you play for have almost nothing to do with whether your daughter gets a scholarship or not. Most of the girls getting offers from these camps and club viewing tournaments would be getting scholarships without them.

: : : : : : : Where the camps and clubs do good, is by making your daughter a better player. It is all in the training and game experience.

: : : : : : : My advice as a coach and parent of a college athlete: if you want your daughter to play college basketball, find a good trainer and get her private or semi-private lessons. Find a club team where she will play a lot of games against good competition and she will play a lot in those games.

: : : : : : : THEN, do some work yourself. Make a list of schools that you feel meet the criteria you are looking for: Able to play at that school, good location, provides the education options you're looking for. Then contact those coaches.

: : : : : : : College coaches have a limited amount of resources to recruit players. The only reason they go to viewing tournaments is that it gives them an opportunity to see a lot of players at one time. If you let a coach know you are interested in their program, they will spend time looking into you. PERIOD! You don't have to hope your in the right place, with the right club, at the right time, with the right colleges in attendance at your tournament.

: : : : : : Amen

: : : : : 95% agree, but I would also say being on the right club team can help you.

: : : : : Not necessarily the best or biggest club, but the right one.

: : : : : A good club coach who has a proven track record of developing players for college and has relationships with college coaches on various levels can very instrumental and helpful.

: : : : : College coaches get hundreds of emails about playing for them. They may or may not read your email. Or watch whatever film you send them.

: : : : : But if that college coach knows your club coach, and he/she calls the college coach, they will come watch.

: : : : : I know plenty of kids that either end up not playing in college or playing at a lower level than they could because they don't have a good advocate for them with coaches.

: : : : : Yes, if you are Sabrina Ionescue you can email a coach and they will come watch you.

: : : : : But there are only so many of those types of kids.

: : : : Let's add this very important point: GET GOOD GRADES. You can be 7 feet tall and jump out the gym but you won't play D1 if you don't have the grades.

: : : : Also make sure everyone who knows your daughter can attest to what a wonderful kid she is. No attitude problems. Same goes for moms and pops.

: : : :: You don't even HAVE to e-mail any coaches if you're elite. And that doesn't mean what club team you play on. Obviously you're not e-mailing Geno at UConn if you're a mid-tier non-elite player. But there's plenty of great D-1 mid-major schools, etc. Any girl in the "Top 100" (for whatever that's worth - that's a WHOLE other thread!) don't have to e-mail anyone. have to have a realistic assessment of where you stand. If you e-mail a mid-tier D1 or even a D2 coach and you're halfway decent - they will come to watch you play.

: : : The other posters make HUGE points with two items:
: : : 1. GRADES!!! (4.0 is a "no-brainer" situation). Some PAC-12 schools like Cal, Stanford won't even look at you if you don't have a 4.0+ GPA.

: : : 2. There's also girls that are WRECKING they're chances because of their rachet Twitter accounts. You're just killing yourself doing all kinds of foul, vulgar activity. One of the 1st things coaches go on - is the girl's twitter account.

: : 129,000+ HS Senior Girls Basketball players
: : 4,300 Freshman College positions
: : About 3% of all seniors will go on to play in college and not all of those positions are with a scholarship.

: : Just for perspective the average HS team has about 4 senior players, So out of 25 HS teams maybe 3 girls that year will be moving on to the next level and not even all of them are getting a full ride or going D1, sometimes the reality of numbers puts things in perspective when trying to get that elusive scholarship.

: : Out of our leagues last 10 MVPs
: : 3 got D1 scholarships out of HS (1 lasted one year and then back to a JC and done)
: : 1 walked on D1
: : 1 NAIA
: : 5 went to JCs first (then 3 of those went D2 after JC)

: : These are "the best" what do you think is happening when your kid is not even the best player in their surrounding average 6 team league?

: : Also just looking at a local college roster, 1 girl listed under 5'8, 6 girls listed over 6'0

: : Colleges are looking for the best skilled players who have good grades, size and speed.

: Interesting to hear schools want good grades. My daughter's HS coach doesn't give a crap about grades(just as long as they stay eligible) and plays girls who have the worst grades.
: Such a disservice to these girls, who think they're all going high D1 when they can barely read.

Hopefully you are on your daughter about her grades. In the end, it's on her and you to make sure that is taken care of.

However, your coach sounds like all he cares about is winning games so he can keep his job or move on to a better one.

The reality is like 12 teams a year win a CIF championship.

The goal should be to develop kids as players and people to be productive on and off the court.

Keeping it just basketball, kids who do well in class make better decisions and less mistakes on the court. They are also more disciplined.

Shame on your coach and shame on the school for allowing this type of behavior.

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