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Posted by POS on April 20, 2017 at 12:28:21:

In Reply to: Re: Etiwanda posted by Common Sense on April 20, 2017 at 10:37:48:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : Congratulation to Wilson for being named Daily Bulletin player of the year very deserving nice way to end your senior year after being named all CIF open division as well as Baseline League MVP

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : Most definitely, the kid is a stud. Etiwanda is a deep well coached squad, ran thru the baseline league with no problems.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : Enjoy the recent success in the Baseline league Etiwanda, you have two teams now positioned to dethrone you, Chino Hills and possibly Los Osos.

: : : : : : : : : : : : Maybe next year they can do well in CIF
: : : : : : : : : "Recent success"? Huh?

: : : : : : : : : Yup, but that's changing next season..

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : Please stop with the nonsense. Los Osos, has no one. Etiwanda blew them and Chino Hills out.

: : : : : : : Both teams have D1 players on the rise, you'll see..

: : : : : Only Buckner has a chance at D1 and she needs to improve a great deal to get there unless she's going D1AA NCAA

: : : : : Not true! Both Osos and Chino Hills have multiple D1 players. Just watch next season.

: : : Multiple D1 players? No.

: : : If you haven't learned anything about recruiting, let me school you. D1 coaches look for players who either A) are long, lanky, and athletic, B) are phenoms who prove they're head and shoulders above everyone, or C) are sheer physical freaks.

: : : Buckner has a chance because she meets criteria A, but she has to prove that she can perform against top talent. She's on WCP Black, so she'll have a chance to do so this summer. Other than her, Okonkwo has a chance based on name, and Ha could slide in if her development continues. Chino Hills only has Wu, and she will get looks based on her height, but like Buckner, she has to prove herself against top competition. If she can't, she's DII or NAIA at best.

: : : Ok, some valid points, however I believe those kids you mentioned from Osos, along with Wu and the PG from Chino Hills will go D1. They both dominated against top competition..

: So then lets break it down, just to show how off you are on some of your assumptions.

: Buckner has the best chance. Having played on 5A and 3A teams hurts her chances because she's playing high level against bad competition. The two games against Etiwanda, she was held below her season average and her team was blown out. She has to perform at the same pace against great competition, so she has to show out over the summer with WCP Black or she'll be low D1 or DII. Neither are bad options.

: Ha and Okonkwo are freshman, but they haven't played high level competition yet. Osos will move up decidedly this year, and that's great for their chances.

: Wu meets the same criteria A I mentioned earlier, but also hasn't done anything against high level competition. Her best scoring output this past year was against a 5-21 South Hills teams, so that one goes to the wayside. Her 2nd best game was against Alta Loma, with a 24 point performance. I don't know Wu's rebounding numbers for that game, but I see on Maxpreps that Parker from Alta Loma had 24 points and 18 rebounds that game. Unless Wu matched or exceeded that, she was outplayed. If all the other games were worse than those two, I don't see how she performed well against top competition.

: I don't know what PG you're talking about. None of of the Chino Hills PGs averaged double digits. That's not performing well against top competition, or even lower level competition, so that's not D1 material.

This is funny. We are talking about two schools that notoriously have been and are no good. If Los Osos had been in a higher division they would not have won a participation championship that CIF made up for them. Los Osos played nobody and beat nobody. Granted now that Los Osos has made some noise and are returning pretty much everyone, I hope Los Osos likes being in the Open Division and Coach Mom better schedule tougher to get ready if not then it will be a two losses in the Open Division and then another loss in Division 2 for State for Los Osos. I just can't wait to hear the whining and complaining from the parents about how it is unfair that Los Osos is either A) in a more competitive division, B) in the Open Division discussion or C) that even thou Etiwanda is supposedly down this upcoming year Los Osos still can't beat Etiwanda.

You are talking about Division 1 talent what I see is there is nothing to compare because the stats are incomplete. If you are looking at point total even that is not a tell-tale sign that someone is Division 1 talent. You can't point out or say that any of these kids are Division 1 talent unless you see them against like competition. Both Los Osos and Chino Hills have not played anybody and therefore you can not compare anything to say that any of these kids are Division 1. I am sorry to upset the parents on this site hyping their kids or their kids teams but it is the truth.

Buckner is on WCP Black okay. How much of the court will she see against this top competition? She is average height on a team loaded with guards that have more talent and a better name recognition. It does help that Buckner is on this team but even if she does see the court I highly doubt it will be against the top teams with great competition and if it is she will only be in for a few minutes before being sent back to the bench.

Okonkwo is on one of the lowest teams for West Coast Premier I guess that shows how talented she is going to be. By the looks of things it will be Division 2 or lower for her.

Ha put up some numbers against Etiwanda but how much of those points were because Etiwanda was keyed on Buckner or other players and they allowed Ha to score at will, kind of like collateral damage. Ha has potential but only time will tell if she will go Division 1 or not. It will depend on what she does on the basketball court but by the looks of things I also think that she will be going Division 2 or lower more or less based on upon her choice and if it is academically based or not.

As for Chino Hills they have a recent history of having some Division 1 talent but for the longest time have not showcased their talent properly. Chino Hills plays the bottom of the barrel every year and it shows by how often Chino Hills gets bounced in the early rounds of the playoffs. I can't even say that Chino Hills is a good team. To even consider that Chino Hills will be good enough to beat Etiwanda is a joke because Chino Hills would have to become very good overnight and I highly doubt that is going to happen. Not being mean, just being realistic. Chino Hills has a lot of work to do to get better. I highly doubt anything will change at Chino Hills because of what their recent history has shown. As for the player from Chino Hills I will just chalk her up as being another Thropay. Good player on a bad team. If you compare Wu's scoring to when Thropay was a sophomore it is close but still Thropay has more hype about her than Wu. I think Thropay is a more rounded athlete than Wu. However, for Chino Hills to compete or elevate their game to be able to beat a team like Etiwanda, they will need more than just one Division 1 caliber player to be able to do that. If Chino Hills just has Wu and nothing else then I don't see it happening.

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