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Posted by Coach on April 17, 2017 at 20:09:13:

In Reply to: Re: Post Final Scores Please posted by Coach Neil on April 17, 2017 at 11:55:44:

: : : : : ..Head Coaches: Please have your lower level coaches post at least their final scores on MaxPreps. It's a big help when putting together a schedule to see what potential teams did the previous season. It would be a big help if they put in last season's scores now and put in scores either during the season or after the season to help others planning their schedule.
: : : : : ..It's hard enough to get replies from coaches and ADs so please consider putting final scores on maxpreps for all levels. Thank you.

: : : :
: : : : If it wasn't required for playoffs, most coaches wouldn't even put in their varsity scores.

: : : : Most don't put stats and a lot don't even put rosters - including big time schools like Winward.

: : : : Having lower level scores entered is never going to happen.

: : : Thought maybe the word coach was the job description, not check collector. Really, yet they can't add a final score that takes no more than 2 minutes to maxpreps? It's about the game, not about you and your check.

: :
: : Why are you worried about lower level scores? They are meaningless 90% of the time.

: : F/S teams are basically 90% new every year, so using last years scores to schedule next year? Crazy.

: : Same with JV - the good girls may go to varsity - or they may not, or they may go back and forth. New girls come up from F/S who may or may not be able to contribute.

: : Not to mention the turnover at the lower level coaching positions. Between my two daughters, we have been at our school for going into the eighth year. We have a good varsity teams (Top 50 Maxpreps), but have had 6 different JV coaches and this will be our 8th new F/S coach.

: : I think you are better off using your energies making a good varsity schedule. Get two or three tourneys for the lower levels - one easy, one challenging, one hard to build confidence and increase their abilities (hopefully).

: : Instead of worrying about some schools lower level records, take that time to find the appropriate lower level tourneys to put them in.

: Sometimes I see lower level coaches post something like this. Usually the claim is they are trying to make the schedule and want good games for their team. I get that.

: However, there are some lower level teams that are always good and you don't need scores. There are some JV teams that are always bad and you don't need scores. The rest of the schools in the middle change year to year and scores from last year don't help determine.

: So no, I don't think it helps with determining who you should schedule.

You also make good points. So basically people are saying frosh doesn't matter, should just play whoever you can get, go to some tourneys (if we had the money) and hopefully get some experience and be happy with that because you practice outside anyways. Come to our practice and tell ours girls that they are less important than varsity or JV. We put effort into the frosh team because we care abut these students and will use our energies to get the best experiences for them, a few tough games that aren't winning by more than 30 or 40 then its useless, a few close games by 10 points for good experience and then the majority of the games are in the middle and that's where the challenge is. We'll keep putting our energy into our program, and yes our varsity and JV schedules are good for us, like frosh a mix of good, average and a few close games. For many frosh girls this isn't about making the WNBA, its a great experience playing teams that treat us the same with good sportsmanship whether anyone can dribble or not. We appreciate your comments, but no need to say people shouldn't take time for these students. At our school we do whether you think its important or not. If you put your schedule on max preps it takes a minute to report the final score. We also direct our parents to check the app on their phone for the score.

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