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Posted by Common Sense on April 17, 2017 at 09:34:50:

In Reply to: Re: All Area Teams posted by Fan without local coverage on April 17, 2017 at 07:21:23:

: : : : Would it really be too difficult for the SGV Tribune, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, San Bernardino Sun, and other papers of that group to define what their area is and what schools are in it? I'm seeing some serious laziness on the All Area team selections and some serious overreach. Some examples...Wilson is the POY for the Daily Bulletin and the Sun, and a lot of the players carry over to both squads. Gamboa is 1st team for the Bulletin and the SGV Tribune.

: : : : I don't blame the kids for playing well, but I definitely blame some lazy reporters for not looking at more kids in their area, or even knowing what their area is.

: : : : Don't forget about their coaches input, every year but this year in particular some of those kids should not of been selected over others, even 2nd team and honorable mention. It's comical, others that were snubbed use it for motivation. I just know a few of those kids when they played anybody worth mentioning were a no-show

: : : Gardner is a horrible reporter and is just lost..

: Years ago they used to have a few reporters and prep editors out to cover high school sports who knew the area. Now they have one prep sports editor per paper covering dozens of schools, so they do their best.
: If the newspapers wanted to make more money they would cover "local" teams who would be interested like the old days because they would see coverage of "their school." That would equal more newspaper subscriptions and news stand sales and help the company financially. But "corporate" management apparently isn't interested in what readers want but rather what they think readers want.
: Have they looked at their subscriptions in what cities and only cover where people buy the paper? Maybe it's limited because they cover the same schools a lot, Bishop Amat, South Hills, Bonita, Glendora, Damien, Chino Hills, etc. They are missing the income because they go out of the area for the very successful schools only, not realizing local coverage equals local interest and local advertising and local subscription and news stand income.
: We used to buy the morning paper in high school to see latest in prep sports world and even now with online there are many people who still like holding a newspaper to read it.
: Also, the coverage area, they should consider making the 57 freeway the cut off on the west for Inland paper, SGV Tribune area 57 to 605 or Santa Anita Avenue, and Pasadena Star-News from there to 710 freeway.
: Regarding knowing your schools, Star-News picked the Keppel Coach for Girls Coach of the Year. He is a good coach. Although, Westridge went further in CIF playoffs than Keppel, and Keppel is known for club players, which I doubt Westridge has. The club players make you successful every year as Keppel usually wins the Almont League for example, regardless of who is the coach.
: A couple of years ago they picked the El Monte Coach for Girls Coach of the Year in her first year because she won league (and didn't advance far in the playoffs). Why? Other coaches have won more league titles in more leagues. Maybe they should consider what a coach has in players who go to school there and the coach isn't benefited by transfer or club players. And why not simply mention a few Honorable Mention coaches? (That would sell a few more papers also.)That is the newspapers choice and we have to respect their choice as this is America. And we decide wher to spend our money.
: And what happened to honorable mention? There are players that made All CIF teams and didn't make All Valley First and Second team. Old days there were honorable mention. By the way those players had better stats than the second team but weren't from the limited few schools usually covered by the paper.
: The "big name" schools usually covered can only buy so many subscriptions and the extended coverage of "local" schools would bring them so much more respect and revenue in advertising and subscription dollars.
: I don't want to read about Chino Hills, Damien, Ayala, etc. They are in the Pomona Valley, not San Gabriel Valley. Cover your local schools and I'll start buying the paper again every day.
: And our student was not left off the All Valley, these are simply profit generating ideas that the newspapers have gotten away from. If you don't agree, ask yourself when is the last time they covered your local school which is not of the limited few? It's been a coupe of years for our local school so no need to buy the paper every day.

I agree with the original poster. Even with less reporters, they could know their area. Or if they want to piggyback off of each other like the do, they should split the responsibilities and one take boys sports and the other girls.

Gardner is a joke. Her top 10 usually discounts that teams have played each other or have common opponents where one team lost and the other won. She usually has huge mistakes in her articles (Wilson couldn't be the 4th consecutive POY from Etiwanda because Ricketson from Ayala won it 2 years ago, and Parker from Alta Loma can't be a 4 year 1st team All Mt. Baldy selection because Alta Loma was in the Baseline in 2013-14). And she's of the thought process that some schools suck at certain sports, even with evidence that shows they have changed, and gives them no coverage because of that.

I really don't see a reason to buy the paper either.

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