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Posted by Curious on March 24, 2017 at 12:11:32:

In Reply to: Re: Los Osos vs. West Campus posted by Competitive Equity on March 23, 2017 at 22:46:41:

: : : I have not dog in this race, just love high school basketball. I noticed that Los Osos girls were playing in the state championship. "Fantastic!" I thought. Then I noticed that they were playing in the Division 4 Championship. That struck me as odd. So I researched and found that Los Osos current has an enrollment of 3,200 students! More research shows that West Campus has only 858 students!

Thank you very much! That sheds some light on the issue. You would think that each section would be allowed to create divisions as they see fit; however, CIF State should have the final say as to which level each team will compete at the state playoffs and championships. This is ridiculous that a school of over 3,000 students can compete in the state playoffs against schools with 75% few students.
: : : Is this right? Did I miss something? How on earth is a school of over 3000 students playing in a division for small schools? Can somebody, anybody clarify this for me?

: : : Thanks.

: : CIF makes ignorant decisions so big schools that don't do well in the past can go play the little baby schools and whip some booty.

: It is the new competitive equity system. In the previous 2 years, Osos was 16-36. Consequently, they were dropped from a higher division (1AA - the highest division in SoCal to 3A). 3A is the 6th highest division in SoCal and the top of the food chain for Division 4 in SoCal. Enrollment is no longer factored, nor should it be entirely. As in the North, private enrollment is considerably lass than most publics, but they all recruit so enrollment is somewhat of a farce. Last year the D4 state championship was between Cardinal Newman (an Open Team in NoCal) and AV (a D1 school in SoCal).... Each section controls where they put the teams for state. SoCal has it pre-determined by division at the beginning of the year. Not sure how NoCal does it. I do think Los Osos was placed too low, but it is the first year of the competitive equity system and the system does not take into account the 3 impact players and new coaching staff at Los Osos. The system simply went by the developed tiered system that is easily accessible on the girls basketball home page at However flawed the system may be, it is transparent. CIF will be adjusting the system for next year, but you have to be on the "committee" to see what changes will be made. Until the announcement we are all in the dark and that makes scheduling very difficult.

: End of rant, back to your question, each section sets it up however they want, so don't blame Los Osos, they are simply playing where CIF SS put them as is West Campus from NoCal... Congrats to both of them. I hope they have a great game Saturday morning. Los Osos is lucky the North moved Cardinal Newman to Open this year.... Don't worry, next year, barring any major system changes Los Osos will be at the bottom of 1AA or top of 1A at worse. Their power points from this year and 15-16 would have placed them 43rd in SoCal. The top 44 comprised 1AA...

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