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Posted by Coach TT on March 23, 2017 at 09:11:34:

In Reply to: Comparison: Club vs High School posted by Club vs HS on March 22, 2017 at 16:21:37:

: This comes up every year so let's just do it now.

: Which is better/more important? Club or HS ball?

: Answer: both are important.

: Club tends to focus on individual development and exposure, while HS is more about the team and winning. Club balls feature better collection of players per team, but HS ball has better teams in general.

: I feel both are important.

: Frequently in HS ball, girls are forced to play out of position. This can be due to height, size, make up of team, how many of a certain position the HS team has.

: Good club teams are designed to have girls at every position so what ends up happening is girls can play their "natural" position. For example, a 3 instead of a 5, etc.

: However, club ball, even at the highest level is really just organized pick up. Sure there is a basic offense, maybe a couple of plays, but basically, it's run and gun. Press and trap on defense. But, this is where girls can really work on their individual skills.

: In HS ball, you are playing within the team more. You scheme to stop players. Learn team offenses and defenses. Yes, you can work on skills in practice, but you don't always get to use them in a game.

: So there are pros and cons of both. As much as college coaches want to know you can play within the framework of a team, very rarely are they coming to watch you play on some Tuesday night. But they all come to the viewing tourneys where they can see you play against the best comp.

: Let the hating (both ways) begin!

I think you make some good points in regards to both HS and Club ball.

Let me add a few things.
HS ball can be quite horrible, depending on the coach and program. Unfortunately, there are many high school coaches who don't really know what they're doing. They have these girls 4-5 days a week for months and yet there is no improvement, no adjustment, and the same tired old sets that don't work. Given the time, there should be more coming from HS. It's a tough job with parents, hardly any pay, administrators on you but if you choose to do the job, do it right.

Club is definitely more of a glorified pick up game. Even choosing teams for the "Elite" is like any pick up game. The guy/gal with next game tries to pick up who he/she knows can ball. Then they run out there and beat people.

The danger with relying on club is that you will very rarely see a club player play outstanding, fundamental, individual defence. They may get steals because they're long, athletic, anticipate well but they do not have defensive concepts as a base. I've spoken to college coaches who all agree that they have to teach new kids what it means to actually play defence. Watch Izzo's teams at MSU always improve as the year goes along and the young ones start to understand D better.

But scouting is rarely about D, and everyone wants to be a star with 20+ points in EYBL etc.

In regards to "Exposure", be cautioned. Exposure can also be quite negative. Don't go seeking it unless you know you have the skill set and venue to show them. I've scouted players with other colleges also in attendance, all watching the same player only to walk away wondering what we were doing there.

Players will always play both. Take it upon yourselves to maximize what you get out of each. Don't rely on your HS coach, or your club coach, to really work on your weaknesses. If they do, then you're very fortunate, but always look at yourself first in the mirror and grow your game. And stay humble and hungry. I can't stand meeting recruits who think they deserve this that and the other thing. Come and earn what you deserve.

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