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Posted by POS on March 22, 2017 at 11:39:55:

In Reply to: Re: All CIF SS awardees posted by Club on March 22, 2017 at 10:53:35:

: : : : : : : My guess is your kid isn't talented enough to earn what mine did and that's why you need to balance the field with participation points.

: : : : : I don't even have a daughter who plays, so no dog in this race.

: : : : : I don't encourage "participation trophies".

: : : : : My point has always been - the BEST players deserve the awards.

: : : : : Teams should not get players on the list just because they go an extra round in the playoffs.

: : : : : The lists, as selected, at least for Open and 1AA, do not reflect this.

: : : : : This list is strictly based on CIF-SS playoffs performance. So if your daughter's team didn't make the cut or was taken out early then she won't qualify.

: : : : Coaches from SS divisions get to nominate 2 from his/her team and 10 from other teams within their division.

: : : : It is what it is. It basically recognized players who performed well during the CIF rounds. Don't try to make it into something it's not.

: : : : And no, not only Open teams should get recognized. They may have more quality club players but to say there aren't top players in Div 1 to Div 4 is just foolish. There are plenty of girls in those divisions that choose those schools for academic reason, friends attending in those schools and other personal preference they might have.

: : : : You know this if you do club ball. Where you see their true game when they are playing against each other.

: : : See my above post. All CIF can't be based on playoff performance alone, as there are players who made it who had horrible playoff performances and teams did not advance past the quarters (including a first round bye)

: : ;No system is perfect. If enough coaches voted to a particular player then she'll be on the list. Do your homework, go to The form that coaches use can be found in that site. Am sorry that your daughter didn't make the cut.

: : I agree, club is where you truly see a players talents playing with and against top competition. Most of these high school coaches are clueless, and don't know how or won't utilize players at their proper positions because they have a whole village to try and appease. I have watched some studs on the club circuit look mediocre on their high school teams

Club ball is a joke. I have been to a lot of club tournaments to watch players and they don't get off the bench because they are the 10th player on their club team. But that same player starts for their high school and they flourish. So your statement is false. Club coaches are the ones that have to appease players and parents because there is money involved. Club coaches are overpaid hacks and do not teach any fundamentals or skill. These club ball coaches poach from each other and steal players to try and get more money from parents. Club ball is a joke!!

Just look at how many club teams that are out there because there is money to be made. Club ball also fills the kids and their parents with false hope. Club ball coaches talk a bunch of trash and parents swallow it and they actually think that their kids will go to college on a full scholarship if they play for this club coach or this club team. Then when the kid never makes it on the top team the parent pays more money to try and elevate their kid and when that doesn't work they jump to another club team with less talent just so they can say that their kid plays on the top team. Then this same parent comes back to high school and they think that because their kid is on a top team that they can dictate to the high school coach on what to do with their kid and how they want their kid to treated all because the club coach filled this parent's head with b/s and false grandeur.

The reason most "studs" look good on the club circuit but look mediocre on a high school team is because in club ball this "stud" does whatever they want because they are playing playground ball but under structure and actual coaching this same "stud" can not be a ball hog and this "stud" has to play defense. Club ball there is no defense and there is no structure and that is why club ball is killing high school basketball.

Look at all of the top teams in the Southern Section. The top teams play with each other year round. The "studs" go off and play club ball during the offseason. Meanwhile everyone else is playing together and learning and getting better. Then when the "stud" returns the team is elevated but it is because everyone else has been playing during the offseason with their high school coach, with their high school teammates, in their high school system. Just look at the top teams in the Southern Section and you will see that it is true.

If club ball is great at getting a kid exposure then why is it every time I go look at a kid's profile at whatever college they go to I don't see their club ball stat line? You might see the club team mentioned but that is it. Everything else is about what they did for their high school team and all of their accolades that they achieved while playing high school basketball.

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