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Posted by Reconsider on March 11, 2017 at 06:56:44:

In Reply to: Re: HS Basketball Question posted by Common Sense on March 10, 2017 at 21:50:17:

: : : : : My daughter is in the 8th grade and will be attending a high school next year that I will not name. We were contacted a couple of months ago and invited to work out with the high schools assistant varsity coach in what was called a bridge program along with a group of other 8th grade girls. Recently, we received an email from the girls basketball booster president telling us that the coach who conducted the workout had left the program and he was now taking over the bridge program, only now they were presenting it as a club team and are charging monthly per player. My daughter currently plays for another club and I am feeling some pressure to join because I am afraid that she will not get a fare shake come Summer if we dont join. Do all high school programs run this way? Some suggestions would be appreciated.

: : : : It sounds like you are definitely getting a "fare" shake. CIF rules don't allow high schools to restrict your daughter from playing for the club of her choice, yet schools do it all the time.

: : : : You might want to talk to the high school coach to see what his expectations are for your daughter. If it sounds like it might be a problem with the head coach if you don't join the club run by the booster president you can take it up with the school's AD, or you can find a new school. Good luck!

: : : As mentioned, schools cannot restrict where/if you play travel/club ball.

: : : In all but rare situations, I would not recommend playing club for your high school coach (or assistants) and with a lot of your high school teammates.

: : : I feel players need other "voices" - i.e. a different point of view than just your high school coach. You need to hear other messages.

: : : Also, if you play with several of your high school teammates, you may be stuck in a certain role and only develop certain skill which will hamper your development.

: : : Also, these girls need a break from each other. They are together basically June - Feb/March, longer if you have a basketball class. They need to play with/hang out with other girls.

: : : Lastly, if you feel the high school is requiring you to play for their club team, I would recommend finding another school because 9 out of 10 times that will be a bad situation.

: : : There are plenty of good schools.

: : :: And quick! That's a red flag. If the coercion is already starting; that's not the school for you. Your girl is missing out on a great diversity of experiences, friendships and players by mixing the two. Good luck!

: Everyone is right. A coach does have the ability to have contact with their players all year save for 1 week.

: However, your daughter isn't in their school yet. Nor has she graduated 8th grade. According to CIF rules, they're not even supposed to be speaking to her until the day after her school year is finished or until their school year is finished, whichever comes last.

: I would probably consider a different school. Too many bad signs, and your kid isn't even there yet.

I would definitely reconsider. We had a similar situation with my daughter and it turned into a mistake - coach at a high school really wanted her when she was in 8th grade, but once she committed, starting making a bunch of weird demands and saying he didn't want her to play for her club, etc. She went to the school for two weeks and he only got worse. Wound up leaving the school immediately, and went to a non basketball powerhouse school with a great, principled coach. She has had an amazing experience, and helped turn the program into a small school winner along with the other players and a committed coaching staff. Coach is like a good way. He and his staff do things right. Hard work and lots of caring for the girls. My daughter will remember the experience forever.

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