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Posted by POS on March 01, 2017 at 09:15:18:

In Reply to: Re: Best players to watch left in playoffs posted by Some on March 01, 2017 at 08:03:18:

: : Who are the best players to watch this week in the championship games?

: Clark and Jones from LBP, one of the Harvard Westlake twins (never remember which is which), Konrad from Valencia, Gipson and Williams from Palisades.

Blah, blah, blah. Championship week? Where have you been all season? I won't name any players because these kids are already established. This is another fishing expedition. Oh I hope someone will name my kid and her team and when no one names your kid then you will come back on here and be all upset and say that your kid needs the recognition. There are some really good players left playing this weekend don't get me wrong. The teams that are here playing for a championship got here for some reason. Everyone that follows girls basketball already know the players to watch this weekend.

However, there are a lot of teams that are no longer playing that have kids that will be heads and shoulders better than some of the kids that will be mentioned. You can not tell me that a kid in the finals of Division 4A is on the same level as a star player on an Open Division team that is sitting waiting for the state playoffs to start. You can not sit here and say that the kids playing for a championship in the lower divisions deserve the recognition because more than likely their teams played a great team and this player was exposed for being soft or she was shut down because she wasn't playing against inferior competition. Just like you can't compare a lower division coach to a coach that is up in the top divisions.

I have seen a lot of basketball and yes I am happy seeing a coach getting things together and making an appearance in the finals. I am happy for some of these teams that they get to play in a CIF finals. Not many teams, coaches or players get to say that they have gotten to that mountain top and could cement their career or legacy with a CIF Championship. But it is not like how it was 5-6 years ago when you earned your championship. You fought hard to get to that championship. You had to beat some great team, player or coach to get to the finals.

But now, championships are being handed or gifted to teams. CIF cleared the road for a lot of these teams, even for Division 1AA finalists. People mostly fans of these teams are talking about bragging rights and legacies for these teams and players as if Valencia and Canyon would have made it to the finals of Division 1AA if there was no Open Division. Both of those teams couldn't beat Antelope Valley and if there was no Open Division both of those teams probably would not have made it past the 2nd round. Just like any team in the lower division that are playing for a CIF Championship this weekend more than likely would not have made it past the quarterfinals in their division had it not been for CIF and their equality.

Could a Rolling Hills Prep beat an Orangewood Academy team in Division 6? Or the teams in Division 4AA finals beat a Serra or Windward? That's why I am on my soap box and always trying to throw mud at these teams and the farce that is called the CIF Playoffs. I will continue to do so and that upsets you than oh well.

Yes I am happy for some of these kids, coaches and teams, don't get me wrong but I can not sit here and congratulate some of these coaches and teams knowing full well that they did not earn a CIF Championship. You can say that I am jealous or whatever you want but I know that I would have much rather gone up against a team like Long Beach Poly in a quarterfinals and gave it my all rather than playing a team like Los Alamitos that didn't even put up a fight or even made your team break a sweat.

I will be at the Honda Center, APU, Godinez sitting there and I know it will be hard watching some of those teams that have no business being on those courts playing for and winning a CIF Championship but the I know I will not be alone.

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