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Posted by Wrong Idea on March 01, 2017 at 08:13:04:

In Reply to: Re: Finals posted by Solution: Get rid of leagues on February 28, 2017 at 21:20:41:

: : : : : : : CIF is not the culprit, it is the schools and administrations that cry afoul when the same teams when CIF titles each yr. Everyone thinks tey deserve a chance at a title. They do not. When you have a 3700 enrollment school playing a 7000 enrollment school in D4 that is a problem regardless of the level of play. It is not fair for schools to compete against schools much larger than them.
: : : : : : : The only right way, is through enrollment, so those teams that can't hang need to focus on another sport!

: : : : : : In the 12 division cif games going to be played
: : : : : : 14 of the 24 teams did not win league, you have multiple 4th place teams playing for cif championships. We really have becoming pizza and trophies for the average. Is this really what we want.

: : : : : really does make sense that we don't allow non-league champions into the playoffs.

: : : : : There should be one playoff division with only the 84 league champions. Would be fun except the fact you are eliminating Chaminade, Sierra Canyon, Harvard-Westlake, Fairmont Prep, LB Millikan (that is 5 open division teams out). Centennial (C), St. Anthony, Sonora, Vista Murrieta, Norco, Valencia, Roosevelt, and Orange Lutheran would be left out of the playoffs and they all won 1st round 1AA games. but none of these teams deserve to play in the playoffs anyway because they did not win their league.

: : : : : And wouldn't a 2nd round game with LB Poly and Rolling Hills Prep be exciting. This is what you want right? League champions only.

: : : : I am stating in the past the majority of the teams were either first or second in their league and sometimes you would get the underdog 3rd place team. Now you have 3rd and 4th place teams in finals, When teams that were not great just good got moved up and now watch teams that by default are now the best in their cif division. Most of the semi finals were won by 10 or more points.

: : :
: : : The problem is that the leagues are not set up right. They are set up based on geography not competition.

: : : There are teams in multiple divisions in each league.

: : : So you may be a fourth place team in a division where the three teams ahead of you are in much high divisions.

: : : Look at the Sierra-Windward league. The other teams in that league never have a chance to win but are still good teams in their division. And they can't switch leagues either.

: : : This is also the anti-enrollment argument. There are less than 400 kids at Sierra Canyon and I will guess a similar number at Windward. Meanwhile, a school like Thousand Oaks has 2K-3K kids. By your theory, Thousand Oaks should be in a higher division because they have more students but they couldn't stay within 50 points of either one of them.

: : It doesn't matter how many students are at your school. It matters how many good basketball players you have. I've seen teams with 50 students at their school beat teams with 3,000 at theirs. It don't matter.

: Get rid of leagues and go to a ranking system The teams that want to compete will schedule the toughest games out there. Those who hide will be exposed real quick.

Leagues exist to create rivalries and school spirit.

Most teams just are average at best. If there were no leagues, there would be little to no interest in them. But even bad teams get the school excited for when they play their league rivals.

Plus, you would have no way to easily figure out who qualifies for playoffs.

The current system is not perfect, but I think it is a step in the right direction. Just have to keep tweaking it to eliminate the flaws as best you can.

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