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Posted by Teling the truth on February 27, 2017 at 06:07:16:

In Reply to: Re: Etiwanda Recruiting classs for 2018 posted by Amazing on February 26, 2017 at 21:30:17:

: : : : : : : : : : : Whose NEXT? 2017-- Etiwanda takes all of Summits Starters (now that travel coach will be the head coach)but still can't win CIF. Any guesses whose team they go after next for recruiting? you all know its going too happen

: : : : : : : : : : First of all Summits starters weren't taken/stolen or whatever your little brain may formulate. We can place our children in a situation that is best suited for them when necessary. If you believe that a coach from the Valley came to the IE and recruited, you are sadly mistaken. Our girls (former Summit and 4 yr Etiwanda player) have been playing together since parks and rec ball when they were 7 and 8 years old, they are best friends and they played on their first travel ball team together where Hamilton's dad was the coach you idiot. We split when entering high school for various reasons but us parents got them back together. A championship would be nice however, a free college education is the ultimate goal, which is gonna happen. The EHS girls basketball program provides the girls with the best oportunity. So for all you people out there that come on this board talking crap about what school our girls attend or transfer to and why, I'm sure you know who we are. Come and talk to us! We are at every game.

: : : : : : : : : Yeah you can't miss us, we are the loudmouth, ghetto ass, trash talking ones in the stands. Just look for the trashiest people in the stands and you will find us. We also love how Stan the Man touches our kids, we don't mind that he is a slimeball as long as our kids get a good edumacation.

: : : : : : : : Lol, I'll be that. If you were a LBP parent you would know whats real. So again, if you are so impressed with Summit send your kid there. Assume what you want but recruited, NOT. Miss me, and stay on this board talking trash and smiling in faces like the coward you are.

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : That was absolutely NOT a LBP parent. Please don't come on here starting stuff and misrepresenting our school.

: : : : : : Summit is just as good of School as Etiwanda and many of their players are on College Scholarships plus Summit won a CIF Championship something Etiwanda has never won. Also there is Cajon, who had 5 players receiving Scholarships last year plus they not only won 2 CIF Championships and a State Championship no one has and has a player starting in the WNBA

: : : : : Like I said, a CIF Championship would be nice but it didn't happen. What's best for us is none of your business or anyone else's. Send your kids to Summit so that they can get another CIF Championship, college scolarship or a run at the WNBA. That's your business

: : : : Please. You're trying to make the people that read this board that you moved all of these kids as juniors because they wanted to play with friends...most who are graduating? No one is buying that. You could at least be honest and say you moved to get a ring. It's not like people don't know. That's why everyone goes to Etiwanda. The fact that everyone fails is the distressing point that doesn't sink in to parents who just fall for the Etiwanda song and dance over and over.

: : : : You left a school that has won a ring (Summit) to go to a school that has never won a ring (Etiwanda) in a city where, if Osos handles their business, Etiwanda will stand with Rancho Cucamonga as the schools that have never won a ring. Yes...lowly Alta Loma has 3 CIF banners, oddly enough.

: : : : So kudos on your secret not so secret business. Quit being butthurt that people are laughing at you. You're just another in a long line that thought that Anderson could figure out how to utilize all of the talent at his disposal.

: : : It's all about our girls being in the best situation for us! Nobody moves so that their children can be with friends lol. They were definitely in a better situation. Chaffey joint union high school district vs Fontana unified, really? We don't care about, Summit, Alta Loma, Racho and whatever other school out there. The girls played the best compition in the Open Division and have been challenged while improving their skills preparing them for the next level. Again, a Championship would have been great but it didn't happen. We are very pleased and if a Championship is all you are worried about then that's great for you, send your kids and grandkids to Summit, Cajon, Alta Loma Rancho... Never butt hurt, a free education is the ultimate goal. We don't care what you believe, make all the assumtions that you want. This is really funny how interested you all are in our lives as if our decisions regarding our children impact your lives.

: : All those Schools you just mentioned have tons of kids that received Athletic and Academic Scholarships including a State Championship and at least one WNBA player. What's Etiwanda got? Some got Scholarships and got jobs at McDonalds. So what?
: This is amazing to hear such bitter adults have so much hate against children. So many assumptions made but never once have they confronted any of these children's parents and ask them the reason for changing schools since they are so worried about it. An explanation is not owed to anyone. Every parent is entitled to do what is best for their children. Hopefully these people can find peace within their own life and stop worrying about bashing children on a basketball forum.

Bitter? Hah. We're laughing that another group of people fell for the Etiwanda kool-aid and moved their kids the.

The coach had 5 D1 players 3 years ago, and couldn't win CIF or state. 2 years ago he's gifted with not having to go to the Open, and still blows it. Another fail this year. I've never heard of another team with that much talent consistently failing.

It sounds more like ya'll are bitter at the failure and are trying to do the whole "take the high road" thing. It's not working. Anyone who has been around the club scene knows exactly what club the majority of the Etiwanda girls came from, and knows that the club and parents were all about winning and nothing else. So playing like you're not all of a sudden? LOL...right...

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