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Posted by Just the Facts on February 25, 2017 at 14:46:59:

In Reply to: Re: Travel Ball Problems posted by rick on February 25, 2017 at 09:30:50:

: : : : Why are all of these travel/club ball teams holding tryouts right now and jeopardizing these high school kids eligibility? Why don't these travel/club ball teams wait after March 18 before holding their tryouts. I know these travel/club ball coaches don't care about high school basketball but still, a lot of these kids have more riding on the line than making sure they have a spot on a travel ball team. Besides, these travel/club ball teams don't care about the kids, all they care about is the money and the hustle. Tell these parents that they will get their kids a scholarship when all they do is take the money and run.

: : : : My advice to these parents are if your kid is not on the top 3 teams for their travel/club ball team then I recommend having your kids playing for both their travel/club ball team and their high school team because your kid will more than likely will not travel for any travel/club ball tournaments. Also, if your high school team plays at all of these local travel/club ball tournaments then just stay with your high school team and keep building and playing with your high school team. Parents, your kid can still get a scholarship from just playing with their high school team. Save some money for more important things than lining someone else's pocket.

: : : Exactly. To say nothing of the fact that all of the girls has been playing non-stop at least from early November on (with many playing starting in September). It is very important for the girls to take some time off and let their bodies rest. Still exercise but keep from playing basketball with the wear and tear on the knees, ankles and back. Playing the same sport year round takes a toll. Waiting until later in March to start club basketball will not hurt anyone (or keep them from getting a scholarship if they have the ability).

: : Good observation!!!! Please parents understand that name brand clubs mean absolutely nothing if your daughter isn't on a top team! And if she's on a top team and isn't in the top 7, don't waste your time or money. Play on a team that you're going to get game experience and enjoy watching your kid play basketball. Don't take high school coaches for granted either. They spend about 85% of their time with your child during a 4 year period, chances are that they even know them better than you'd think!

: this is a good post. HS coaches don't get enough credit sometimes. Club coaches are good for the development and exposure for the individual too. The two (HS & Club coaches) should be working TOGETHER instead of apart.

I think most high school coaches are a lot more interested in making sure their high school team is successful than in making sure your daughter gets the development and exposure she needs in order to move on to the next level. OF COURSE it's in your high school coach's best interest to keep your daughter close at hand all year round - what better way to make sure she learns the coach's system and makes that coach look better? When your daughter graduates it won't matter to her high school coach whether or not she has a scholarship - if she gets one, the high school coach will be happy to take credit, and if she doesn't get one the high school coach will point out that most kids don't get D1 basketball scholarships and will insinuate that your daughter wasn't good enough.

AAU ball is the only way to make sure your daughter gets some help to move on to the next level, but of course you're going to have the same issues with the AAU coach as well. So, make sure your daughter plays on a team where she's one of the better players (preferably a starter, or at least one of the first couple kids off the bench). The only reason to play club ball is for exposure, so make sure the team is playing some good tournaments against decent competition. You definitely don't need a "top club" sponsored by a shoe company, and DEFINITELY avoid any club where you pay a ridiculous amount of money to play in the club's own tournaments.

Also look for a coach who likes your child and can teach her something. Make sure the offense and defense will showcase your child's abilities. If you have an opportunity, talk to a parent whose child played for the coach/club and has moved on to college, and ask their opinion. Do your homework - talk to as many parents and coaches as you can. Don't leave things up to chance.

And be realistic with your expectations. If your kid isn't a college-worthy player, don't pretend like she is. If her skills are lacking, get her to a personal trainer for ball-handling and shooting work. If she's not in good shape get her running and eating better. Stay on top of her grades - the better they are, the more schools will be interested. Don't be that screaming idiot in the stands - coaches are repelled by out of control parents (stay in the car if you can't control yourself). More than anything, make sure SHE wants to play college ball, and it's not something you want for her. If she doesn't have the desire, she won't advance to the next level...unless she's freakishly tall, then someone will take a chance on her no matter what you do.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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