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Posted by Missed the Point Again on February 23, 2017 at 15:08:17:

In Reply to: Re: Daily News posted by Wake up on February 23, 2017 at 14:16:16:

: : : : : : Why is it that ONLY the cheating/recruiting schools get coverage? Viewpoint and Heritage Christian had great wins last night and NOTHING! So sad -

: : : : : : Always Sierra Cyn, HW, Alemany, Oaks and Village - The dirtiest recruiting teams in the valley.

: : : : : :: I was at the Viewpoint game and it was a great win for them. Those girls played their hearts out - and were extremely happy with their victory. I saw a high degree of skill, passion and team work, non-D1 school notwithstanding.

: : : : This isn't hard to figure out.

: : : : They are looking for clicks - and big games generate them. I read the stories on HW, SC, Alemany/Nade because they are the top teams in the top divisions.

: : : : It would be great if these other schools got more coverage, but they only have so many reporters to cover games.

: : : : And actually, there was a good blog post on Heritage winning.

: : : : Saturday, the Valencia-Oaks game will get a story - 1AA semi-final with two Top 10 teams. HW-Etiwanda will get a story - semi-final in Open. And then the two City Open semi-final games will get stories - ECR vs. Palisades and Granada vs. Fairfax.

: : : : Over the next couple weeks, Village, Heritage, Grace Brethren will keep getting coverage as they are favored to win CIF and do well in state. As less teams are left playing, it opens up coverage.

: : : : But the bottom line is more attention gets paid to the better teams.

: : : : All the ones you mentioned as getting coverage are in their Top 10. This happens everywhere at every level.

: : : : Not saying it is right, it's just the way it is.

: : : : Grace is division freekin 6, that's like watching Park n Rec. Sorry, just keeping it real.

: :
: : It was just an example. Yes it is Div 6, but they are 25-2 with a good chance to win CIF.

: : But Heritage is in a low division too.

: : So is Village. Some would argue Viewpoint is too.

: : Now you are getting into the "Open or nothing" area, and I don't subscribe to that.

: : The original poster's point was other schools except the "big names" (or in their view the recruiters) should get coverage.

: : You want DN to send someone out to a Park n Rec game in the middle of CIF champions period??? Bwahahahaha, I can't stop laughing on that one.

: Up to Div 4, but not below that due to their limited resources.

Again you missed my point.

I didn't say they were or should cover the teams in lower divisions as long as their are teams alive in the upper divisions.

My point was, in reply to original poster, that some of the lower teams will end up getting some coverage as they keep playing and other teams drop out.

This would include Viewpoint, Thousand Oaks, Birmingham, Village Christian, Heritage Christian, and yes Grace Brethren. Not sure who else I may have missed.

But as long as anyone in the Daily News Top 10 - Sierra, Alemany, HW, Chaminade, Valencia, ECR, Granada, Canyon, AV, Oaks - are still alive, they will get coverage first.

Of those, 8 are still alive in playoffs (AV and Nade are out) and 9 are possibly going to State (Sierra, Alemany, HW, Nade, ECR, Granada already in, Valencia, Oaks, Canyon can still qualify).

The only team completely done for the season is Antelope Valley (sorry, couldn't resist).

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