Re: Girls choosing Volleyball over basketball

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Posted by coach /observer/parent on February 18, 2017 at 08:54:24:

In Reply to: Re: Girls choosing Volleyball over basketball posted by College Expert on February 17, 2017 at 21:13:10:

: : : Future of the game is in peril. Volleyball is more fun than hoops and easier to learn. Bball skills take way too long to develop. Girls leaving in droves. How can we continue to get the better athletes? Better do something before the girls game is dead.

: : :

: : Volleyball and Basketball are BOTH great sports - it depends on the player's personality. For the record - have one basketball player and one volleyball player and neither daughter wanted to play the other sport. BOTH sports take skill and dedication to play at a high level - no need to be negative :)

: Volleyball Players don't like physical contact with others and love the net that separates them from their opponent. They also don't like conditioning. What a boring game! Basketball takes a lot of thinking very quickly for a long period of time.
Main reasons why girls are playing other sports. 1. men coach rec league and club ball. Girls play at a young age and are getting double teamed and pressed at an age where they cant physically counter it. Men want to win at all cost. young girls are traumatized by the pressure.
2. There are really bad rules for youth basketball. Often rims to high, pressing allowed at all times, No chance for fun. We play the game for fun at first.
3. The WNBA made the game less attractive for some reason. Thought it would be the opposite.
4. It takes awhile to add skills. Volleyball, 3 main skills. (Volleyball is fun for young kids even if they do not acquire the skill set, that really doesnt happen to 8th grade, its pretty hard)
5. The last one is ugly. Basketball has a stigma that your little girls will act like boys. (i said it as mildly as i could) Do not get aggravated by this. Many parents and athletes feel this way. it is their right, i guess. I do not feel this way personally. feel free to add discuss. do not get angry..

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