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Posted by Not an AV folk on February 07, 2017 at 11:49:25:

In Reply to: Re: random observations from some previous posts posted by LOL on February 07, 2017 at 11:05:32:

: : : : : Open Division Watch List is cut from 24 to 20

: : : : : Dropped from the List
: : : : : Keppel
: : : : : Roosevelt
: : : : : Rosary
: : : : : Vista Murrieta

: : : : : Still on the bubble
: : : : : Antelope Valley

: : : : : A thread down below mentioned 2AA and how JSerra was under .500 and needed a win over OLu to get to .500 and get in the playoffs . . . . Monday night they beat OLu by double digits. Big win for JSerra and what does the loss do for Orange Lutheran and their Open Division prospects?

: : : : : As far as anyone knows the .500 rule is still in effect to apply for a playoff spot (according to the playoff bulletin). If you are not in the top half of your league and not .500 your season ends this week.

: : : : : Fairfax beats Palisades so the top 4 seeds in the City Open Division will have split with each other in league - should be exciting Open Division final four in the City Section

: : : :
: : : : This is really the year to cut the Open in SS to 12. 16 is really pushing it. And are there even 32 1AA teams at this point? Might help in filling in the brackets.

: : : : I think teams like Valencia, Chaminade and Ventura should be on the bubble but they aren't. Chaminade is lowest ranked of those but there losses are all to Open teams and everyone wants their shot at them so they are in for sure.

: : : : AV cannot make Open ranked 95. That would be crazy.

: : : : Regardless, SS should come down to LBP and Etiwanda barring something weird happening.

: : : :
: : : : City Open should be fun this year. Pali is still the favorite in my eyes, but I think them, Fairfax, El Camino, or Granada Hills can all make a run if they bring their A game.

: : : Not sure where you get the 95 for AV -- I assume you are looking at the maxpreps state rankings....

: : : Just to show you how ridiculous the rankings are -- Los Altos is ranked ahead of AV as is Canyon.... AV would beat Los Altos by 20-30 points... AV defeated Canyon (although it was a home game)....

: : : I realize the maxpreps rankings take the whole picture into effect. Maxpreps places extreme weight on SOS, which of course AV's is much lower than some as has been made crystal clear on this website. This is why they are ranked so low. The last couple of years, when the East was weak in the NBA, we didn't say the Cavs weren't good just because of their schedule, but no one disputed they played a weaker schedule than the West teams.

: : : AV is a top 20 team in SS whether you like it or not. AV can compete with and defeat teams in the Open division. If they sneak in the Open, then obviously they will face a top 4 team in the first round and if they lose all the chirpers will come on and say how right they are, but make no mistake AV won't lose by 30 to anyone imo.... they will play well and most likely lose in the first round, but I would not be surprised if they gave someone a run for their money.

: :
: : Your NBA analogy falls flat.

: : Yes the East was supposedly weaker, but the Cavs still played everyone during the season including the Warriors, Spurs, Thunder, etc.

: : Strength of schedule is always a big factor. Look at the NCAA bracket. You can be 30-0 but still not make the tourney because your SOS is bad.

: : AV has not played one Open Division team. Every team they have played except two are below average at best.

: : Your program can play the "elite" teams; they choose not to. So you are penalized.

: : Can they hang with Open teams? Probably some. But we don't know. And we probably won't.

: : And I certainly think the LBP's and Etiwanda's can beat them by 30. They match your athleticism and they have more better players.

: : I applaud your wanting to be in Open, and I know a couple of teams that would gladly give their spot to you.

: : I just don't see it happening.

: :Who the heck would want to be in the Open and at the same time knows will be taken out in the first round. That's just foolish. Freekin AV folks are nuts,lol

I'm not an AV folk, just an observer of the situation and the banter between the AV fans and AV haters... I've seen almost every one of these teams play and I believe AV is a top 16 team in SS regardless of schedule... And if they do make Open and lose 2 in a row they will still be sitting in the D2 state bracket.

Realistically, stating that AV would lose to LBP or Etiwanda is not saying AV is bad... Please tell me any team ranked 15 or 16 that will beat those 2 teams?

AV may want Open, may not, but to be in consideration is a special achievement for the school. Last year they made state and nearly won... it will be interesting to see how they fare in the Open or 1A -- I think they wind up in 1A, but it is obviously pretty close at this point...

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