Re: Why can't the girls play nightcap games?

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Posted by Wow on February 06, 2017 at 09:50:37:

In Reply to: Re: Why can't the girls play nightcap games? posted by Our League on February 04, 2017 at 11:32:23:

: : : : Can girls play the nightcap games? Shouldn't the best home teams play last?

: : : I don't know if it is worth fighting, but technically it is a Title IX issue if the girls team ALWAYS plays in front of the boys team. They are suppose to alternate times (allowing both to play at the prime hour), but some schools/ teams are willing to look the other way because it can be demoralizing when part of the crowd gets up and leaves during warm ups or early in the first quarter. Sometimes when you fight for something that is the letter of the law it has some unintended consequences (less crowd attendance) so you may want to weigh those before going to battle.

: : This is a good topic and something that should be brought up. It is a title 9 offense. For a schools where the girls' team is stronger and more supported by the school community than the boys, the girls should have the prime time slot.

: Years ago, our league had the boys and girls flip-flop the last game each time, The title 9 issue came up. What was found is that when the boys played first, the stands emptied quickly and the girls audience was very small. When the boys played last, the girls had the benefit of everyone filing in during their game and getting a nice crowd for the 2nd half. Eventually, our league went back to boys at one site, girls at the other. As a male coach of s girls team (and father of 4 girls), I am a strong advocate for girls athletics.

: I like when both teams play at the same location, but in the end it is a league decision. Most smaller schools (especially privates) will still have everything at one site. But, honestly, the issue of girls playing last has gone through the cycle and If the girls are playing on the same court as the guys and practicing on the same court as the guys, getting equal court time and getting the same quality of uniforms and equipment as the guys, then I'm fine with playing whenever we play.

: I don't know if that helps, but I've explored the issue as the AD, Coach, CIF rep and Parent viewpoint. I am satisfied that the majority of school in the SS are giving fair treatment to both programs. Either way I hope your girls team can play a late game once just for the next experience.

Title IX has nothing to do with when you play your games. You play the girls game before the boys game because you will get a bigger crowd for the girls game than you would if you played the girls game after the boys. Fans coming to the boys game will get there early... usually about the halftime of the girls game creating a great atmosphere during the second half. If you play the boys game first, once the game is over...everyone leaves and the once packed gym now has around 70 people left for the girls game.

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