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Posted by Don't buy it on February 04, 2017 at 17:50:55:

In Reply to: Re: Coaching in blow outs posted by Watched the Game on February 04, 2017 at 16:53:12:

: : : : : : So I read this board and I have seen people take shots at a team like Arroyo Valley who plays a very weak schedule and scores a ton a points (scored over 100 points and 90 a couple of times) but then I just saw a score of a highly respected coach against a league opponent and they scored over 100 points and won by 90.

: : : : : : What is the deal? Do we give a pass to a coach we like when they "run up the score," or should they be held to the same scrutiny?

: : : : : : I've never been a part of a game either way which got that out of hand but that seems a bit extreme.

: : : : : I guess one may get upset if the coach continued to press and/or extend pressure while up by that much. Sometimes coaches pull back, sub, and games still get out of hand. Other coaches decide that no matter what they are going to work on things throughout the game in order to prepare for tougher future opponents... I think with the shot clock, sometime even when a coach calls off the dogs, the game can still get out of hand because every 29 seconds you got to let the ball go.

: : : : They need to lower the margin down to 25-30 points beginning in the 3rd quarter for the clock to continue to run instead of waiting for 4th quarter for a running clock at 40+ point margin

: : : 40 points in the fourth is fine for running clock. You can't penalize teams for being good. You have to encourage inferior teams to get better.

: : : In most leagues, where there are only 1-2 good teams, most games end up running clock or close. If it was 25 in the second half, nearly every game would be like that. And the consequence of that is, due to the game going so fast, teams will not sub as much and the scores will be just as lopsided the games would just be over in 40 minutes instead of an hour.

: : : However, I agree with the original poster in that there is rarely a situation where you should win by 90.

: : : You have to sub, not press, either play straight soft man or zone, etc.

: : : And if you are blowing someone out that bad, it better be someone you "have" to play - either league team or early round of tourney.

: : 50 in the second quarter run the clock, 40 in the 3rd run the clock, 30 points in the 4th run the clock. This will prevent losing teams from going to the hard foul approach.

: This was a league game. The un-named winning team from the NW SFV only has an 8 player roster and on this night the player listed 7th or 8th on the depth chart was out of town. No press in the 2nd half. They frequently turned into the corner and reset the offense to kill a few seconds. There was absolutely nothing more which good have been done to keep the margin of victory down short of intentionally turning the ball over which would be highly offensive to any opponent. The kids from from un-named high desert private school did their best and both worked hard the whole game and behaved admirably.

Hanging 104 points on a team that scores 12 is not an accident. You can kill the clock every possession. Get an offensive board and run off another 30. This is classless, however you want to try to justify it. Unfortunately they are in the same league. That particular league has a wide range of teams -- 2 open teams, a 2A team that is down a bit from the last couple of years, 3 3A teams which are competitive at their level and a 4 AA team often at the bottom.

Other schools would have been ridiculed and bastardized if they hung 100 on someone who scored 12. Shame on this AD and coach, perhaps still mad from Windward loss...

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