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Posted by Canyon Parent on February 01, 2017 at 11:12:23:

In Reply to: Re: How did we drop posted by This on January 31, 2017 at 09:34:10:

: : : : : : : Looking at last weeks polls I noticed we dropped. We were ranked 10 and we beat Alemany and lost a close one by 3 pts to Harvard Westlake earlier in the season. How did we drop behind Troy and how is Mater Dei ranked ahead of Valencia. Didn't they just lose to fairmont prep who lost to keppel. Interested to see this weeks polls. Looking at schedules as I said Valencia beat Alemany and the polls new number 10 Troy lost to them by double digits. Looking at troy I don't see a quality win unless counting Redondo but I don't think Redondo is an open team. The open division will be interesting as to who is in and where they are ranked. Valencia should be higher than they are. Brea should be higher also. They conveniently did not have either their number 1 or number 2 player playing in their loses to Sonora and orangewood academy. Good Luck to all in the playoffs where every you land.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : The polls are crazy as are MaxPreps rankings.

: : : : : : Truth is Valencia is an Open team, but if they are lucky they will stay in 1AA like Ventura did last year. They have a legit shot to win 1AA, but will probably not win first Open game, win second one, and then be in D1 for State.

: : : : : :1AA is where Valencia should want to be. Konrad is the best player in Santa Clarita and with the rest of seniors they will have a favorable shot of finally winning CIF. Good luck to the girls!

: : : : Earlier in the season? You are making it sound like it was a week or two ago. The win over Alemany was at the beginning of the season. The same goes for the Harvard-Westlake loss. Those games carry weight but not like a win or a loss does now with the season coming to a close. Since those games, who has Valencia beaten?? Palisades and Canyon...oh wow talk about great teams. One is a City team so that doesn't count and the other is a team that you almost lost to. A team that had no business almost beating Valencia for the second time. But here you are crying because the Division 1AA coaches are seeing Valencia for what they really are. Just an average team with no depth and a low and I mean low Division 1 signee. As for your win over Alemany that was before their SOP sit outs became eligible so Alemany is a different team now and Valencia would probably lose that game now.

: : : : What you conveniently left out is that Valencia lost to Gardena Serra a team that is ranked 7th in the polls. What about that game? You followed that loss with another even worse loss to Mission Hills. Oh and by the way, your loss to Harvard-Westlake was by 7 and not 3 but SEVEN!!

: : : : Yes, Fairmont Prep lost to Keppel at least they played someone that challenged them and not Palisades. Since that loss Fairmont Prep beat Mater Dei and Orangewood. Two teams that Valencia would definitely lose to.

: : : : Mater Dei is ranked high because of their body of work and the Division 1AA coaches won't drop Mater Dei because of one loss to a better Open Division team. As for your gripe against Troy the reason they are ranked ahead of Valencia is because of their strength of schedule and oh because they have 2 Division 1 players and one of those players is going to Cal and is a McDonald's All American. Troy's losses to Alemany was by 9 not double digits. Gosh do you even know how to count??? You are just full of lies and half-truths.

: : : : As for your Brea Olinda observation, Sink was tanking those games on purpose to try and get out of the Open Division. Every coach in Division 1AA know that. Because the next games both players were healthy and fine. Sink knows what he is doing and is 100 times better than Jim Bob Mike or whatever your coach's name is.

: : : : Just face it Valencia will be lucky if they are in the Open Division because honestly besides the Alemany win they have done nothing and beaten nobody. Even if Valencia is dropped to Division 1AA they will choke like they did last season. They beat a West Torrance team by 30 points at Palisades only to choke and lose to them in the playoffs. Talk about pathetic. The clock is ticking on Valencia...its almost time for Valencia to disappear back to being a nobody like before.

: : :
: : : What did these girls do to you? This is a scathing beat down.

: : : And don't bag on Konrad. She is a great player and great kid and there isn't a coach around who doesn't want her on their squad.

: : : I wish we had her on my kid's team.

: : >>>Who's bagging on Konrad? I didn't see it. The post was a general comment. This has to be Konrad's parents. How many times do you have to get on here and say she's a great player and a good kid? I think we all know that by now. You say it so much we're going to think she's the only one that does everything on the team. What about the other starters. You comment as if the other four don't do anything. Man, give them credit to. I'm sure their great kids too.

: First off, this is not her parents, and I highly doubt her parents even know about this board.

: As for bagging on her this is the comment I was referring to:

: "Just an average team with no depth and a low and I mean low Division 1 signee."

: Why demean a girl who has worked her butt off to get a free education at a great school? Davis is a solid mid-major basketball school. Just because it isn't UCONN is no reason to downgrade her accomplishment.

: As for being a good kid, my daughter's team has played them several times the last couple of years in spring/summer/fall/tourneys etc. and she has always played hard and been respectful of her coaches and other players (from both teams) on the court.

: As for the other starters they are all above average players who together make for an even better group. The sum is truly greater with them.

: They all compliment each other well - one is a really good shooter, one rebounds against bigger players and one does a little bit of everything.

: And I really like the PG and look for her to have a big year next year as the lead player on the team.

: Depth is certainly an issue. Really only one impact sub off bench.

: Feel free to blast the coach - I'm not impressed with him at all. And he is an adult.

: As for the team, right now they are bubble Open based on the polls. I think if they go Open they lose first round, win second round, and go to D1 State.

: If they stay in D1 for regular playoffs, I think they can make a run for the CIF title.

: Never would I say they can hang with the LBP and Etiwandas of the world. Only a couple of teams can.
>>>> These posts are hilarious. Who's demeaning or downgrading her? There just comments. Just by starting off saying "First Off, this is not her parents" and you doubt they know about this site is already a red flag. Who cares? People get on here and get overloaded in their feelings. Like the above comm-enter. Take it easy buddy. I have seen many games since this is my daughters senior year at Canyon. I know the Vikings well. It's great she's going to Davis. Both teams play well. Who said it mattered if it'Davis, UCONN, UCLA, or even COC/Valley College. As long as the girls are ALL encouraged to further their education that is what matters. Settle your feeling...

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