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Posted by Wrong Attitude on January 30, 2017 at 08:37:07:

In Reply to: Re: Last city section REFS posted by Sam Sanity on January 29, 2017 at 00:53:52:

: : : : : : : : Many refs for the city section are horrible. I've seen many times were they hold grudges on coaches and take it out on the kids not calling the rights calls, letting things go, not controlling the game and letting things get out of hand. There job is to control the game NOT TO GOVERN IT. Many of them cost the game for teams and will do anything possible to make sure the team they do not like does not wish the game.*

: : : : : : : : Thoughts ?

: : : : : : : There are good reffs and bad reefs, doesn't really matter the section.

: : : : : : There are many different units around LA and they all do their certification differently. Which is why you have a discrepancy with different referees. Unfortunately some of the refs are in it for the extra cash. Others do it because they like the game and want to be around it. I do it for the love of the game as well as the extra money, but more for the love of the game.
: : : : : : If you have an issue with the referee, send video of the game(s) to the unit that the referee's are from. Here is the website for the CBOA -

: : : : : Thank you in truly appreciate it

: : : : : You get what you pay for, refs get between $20-$30 per game.

: : : not true
: : : varsity refs get paid $60-$70 bucks per game

: : As a referee and coach who attends many games, parents and coaches often do not know the rules. Now, many referees make mistakes. High school referees are not professionals. Consequently, they do not spend all day training to be a referee. They come from another job, just as many HS coaches do. They are not perfect, and most good referees acknowledge that.

: : However, when I attend games and sit in the stands, many of the parents complaints are baseless. Many coaches do not understand the traveling violation; it is not the same as the NBA rule, as an example. The call argued for the most is "over the back" and there is no such rule in the rulebook. Also, parents and coaches have no appreciation for what referees are looking at and which referee is in charge of that area.

: Officials in both the City and Southern Sections do an outstanding job. Of course they make mistakes but not nearly as many as the children of the parents posting in this thread do. I watched a game this week that with the score 17-0 the ref called a charge on the leading team and at least 4 different parents screamed at her. 17 to bleeding 0.

A foul is a foul regardless of the team or the score.

Does it always work out that way? No. But it should.

And to say parents (or coaches or players) should be upset over a bad call should not depend on the score.

And as a player, coach, and parent I have been on both sides of this happening and still maintain a foul is a foul.

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