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Posted by Cheating? on January 16, 2017 at 09:46:07:

In Reply to: Re: Burroughs screw job posted by RealWorld on January 16, 2017 at 09:30:43:

: : : : : No worries. This so called person that post his / her input under the name "POS" always comes up here and post the most dumbest crap. Makes no sense and only comes on here to stir up nonsense. POS is an idiot!

: : : Wow thanks for the compliment. As my old journalism teacher told me, if you aren't pissing people off with the truth then you aren't doing your job right. So we are dismissing this as just another thing. That's fine. Here is what I hope happens when Harvard-Westlake plays Alemany. I hope Harvard-Westlake plays the best game of their season. I hope the game is tied and Alemany's worst free throw shooter gets fouled and she fakes a lost contact lens so Camacho can sub in his best free throw shooter and Alemany wins the game that way. Then I guarantee you if that happened every Harvard-Westlake person would be on here crying foul about how that's not fair and how Alemany cheated. You can dismiss me all you want but what happened last night stunk up the gym. Every coach there in the gym was talking about what happened and needed to remember that for the future. So now, if it does happen again we have the Harvard-Westlake coach to thank.


: : 1) There was no cheating since she actually lost her lens
: : 2) The girl coming in still had to knocked down 2 FTS. SHE DID
: : 3) You still had a chance to win but turned the ball over almost every possession in the last 3 minutes
: : 4) You stunk down the stretch
: : 5) You couldn't handle pressure
: : 6) If your post doesn't make silly foul after silly foul we wouldn't be having this conversation.

: : Would it be fair that all of the above statements are true

: :If you are not cheating then you are not trying hard enough. Now stop crying about it and play ball.

First of all, was not at game so can't comment on the did she or did she not fake it claims.

However, from what I do know about the girl in question, I highly doubt she faked it.

That being said, is this cheating? Let's say she faked it and didn't really lose a contact lens.

While you can argue that action is poor sportsmanship, maybe even morally unethical, is it really cheating?

In the end, the ref made the decision to let them sub. Maybe she got poked in the eye and her vision was blurring and was stalling for time?

We don't know.

People fake injuries, sub at last minute, ask to talk to ref all the time to stall the game for one reason or the other.

In the end, it is on the ref to determine if such actions have merit.

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