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Posted by Compliment to POS on January 15, 2017 at 13:15:06:

In Reply to: Re: Burroughs screw job posted by You are an idiot on January 15, 2017 at 04:38:55:

: : So I decided to go out to Burroughs to watch the Private versus Public Showcase since there were some intriguing games there and I got to see a fantastic basketball game between Harvard-Westlake and Long Beach Millikan. Millikan controlled the game and Harvard-Westlake had no answer for Millikan's center. The Harvard-Westlake twins were ineffective against Millikan's center they wanted nothing to do with her. But what I couldn't believe is how Millikan did not get any calls from the referees and with the game on the line late in the fourth quarter the referees allowed Millikan's center to foul out of the game on a ticky-tac foul. But that's not what got me upset since its the player's fault if they foul out of a game. What I could not believe is with the game tied in overtime, #11 for Harvard-Westlake got fouled going to the basket. Almost immediately she is covering her eye saying that she lost a contact lens. At this time, she was 4 for 12 from the free throw line. So the Harvard-Westlake coach is allowed to sub in a player from the bench who is a 67% from the line during the season. Even before the sub shoots a free throw #11 is at the table ready to be subbed in. The sub makes both of the free throws giving Harvard-Westlake their first lead of the game and subsequently the victory. How could the referees allow this? They allowed the game to be taken away from Millikan who played their butts off and should have won that game. Millikan is the better team than Harvard-Westlake and it showed tonight. I was very impressed with Millikan and their style of play. Millikan made Harvard-Westlake look like an average team. But to allow Harvard-Westlake to cheat just makes me sick. So now every coach that has a piss poor free throw shooter can just have that player pretend to lose a contact and they are allowed to bring in a better shooter off of the bench to make the free throws. The referees should have allowed her time to put in her contact and then make her shoot the free throws. But instead Millikan gets screwed and has to take it but if it was reversed I guarantee that Millikan would not have been given the same treatment. Just a shame that referees allowed a game to be ultimately decided on that. And a even bigger shame that the Harvard-Westlake has to cheat to beat a team like Millikan. I mean come on Millikan gets absolutely destroyed by Poly and Harvard-Westlake has to cheat to beat them. I was shocked that Harvard-Westlake coach had to cheat, I thought she was better than that. I feel bad for Millikan that they played a great game but really got nothing to show for it and got absolutely screwed tonight. I hope Millikan can make it into the Open Division and CIF puts these two schools together in the first round because I think Millikan deserves a rematch against Harvard-Westlake.

: No worries. This so called person that post his / her input under the name "POS" always comes up here and post the most dumbest crap. Makes no sense and only comes on here to stir up nonsense. POS is an idiot!

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