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Posted by Clint Samuel on January 03, 2017 at 12:57:13:

In Reply to: Re: Chino Hills posted by Advisor on December 31, 2016 at 16:42:42:

: : I was told by the Coach of The Chino Hills High basketball team that he is the best coach in the area and that he was a great high school and college player. I truly believe he was a great player in his day and he should always be proud of his accomplishments but being a great basketball player doesn't always equate to making a great coach. Magic Johnson was a great player but not a great coach.

: : The chhs head coach may be the most arrogant coach around but nothing he has done deserves the accolades of being the best coach around. The coach of chhs continues to pound his chest when his team beats up on mediocre teams but his teams can't win games when they are close or the other team has more talent because he can't make the necessary adjustments during the game. A good coach not even a great coach like he claims to beat a press and have last shot plays available at the end of games, but not the chhs coach. To all you parents if you ask your 16 year old child to move your car Into the garage and you have never given your child instructions on how to operate a car and your child runs your car into the side of your house who are you going to be mad at, your child or yourself for not teaching your child how to properly operate a car?

: : I listen to the chhs coach and one of his assistants constantly yelling at the kids about their play but how can you tell when you haven't properly instructed the girls on how to play the game of basketball. Most good coaches will allow and encourage previous players and outside coaches to come and offer some instructions but not the chhs coach. After last years humiliating loss at Etiwanda where the players couldn't even get into their offense because of the tremendous trap and press of Etiwanda I was confronted by a former first round NBA player that he would come over and help the chhs team and coach two weeks free of charge to help them beat the trap and press before they played the 2nd time. I called the coach several times and never got a response back. It's bad enough the coach would not accept the help of a former BNA player to beat the Etiwanda trap and press but he didn't even have his team work on a press break until the day before the game for 15 minutes! Well you can imagine the outcome of the rematch because the team was not prepared again. Is that the girls fault or the great coaches fault?

: : The best coach will once again be coaching against etiwanda in January and you will see the same results without any adjustments on his part he can't be mad at the girls if they are not properly coached. I'm not a know it all about basketball but I'd like to be educated on why the chhs coach does not call his own rotation and when an assistant calls it what is it based on. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but sometimes like an umpire you have to call them like you see them.

: Go get a life or better yet a high school basketball coaching job and let ignorant pathetic people such as yourself criticize you.

: Thank you for the kind words, you're probably right I'm not too smart & probably pathetic also. I would like to wish you a happy & safe new year & if you come to the game on Jan. 13, 2017 I would like to buy you some popcorn & a hotdog.

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