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Posted by Add to it........ on January 03, 2017 at 00:35:28:

In Reply to: Re: Build program to match school posted by What an idiot on January 02, 2017 at 22:58:20:

: : : : : All this rebuilding of a campus can we get a girls program that actually has high profile players? Maybe if they got a new coach the program might excell. The boys went out and got Morris and look what happened. Yes I think the girls won Cif in some crappy division but no action in an open division. Sloppy basketball with less than mediocre players is not going to get it done starts with getting a new coach to go with the facility and I'm sure we will attract great players that will " move" into our area

: : : : High School isn't College! Most Schools have never won a CIF in Girls Basketball so give the Redondo Coach some credit. By the way was your new year resolution the same as last years to criticize the Coach and be a negative and rude person against this year. I have an idea! Go get a Girls Basketball Coaching job and we'll critic you.

: : : Is that all you can fall back on? Telling someone to go get a basketball coaching job? Is that really it? I have seen you post that over and over. What is your job? Are you a coach? If you are, where do you coach? Enlighten everyone on why you call yourself an expert? I bet you were a coach and you thought that you were going to change lives and make a difference. But after a year or two realized that the parents and your players don't care about you and the job you do. So you quit and now you want everyone to feel your pain that you failed as a coach and that you are a broken person. What's your New Year's resolution to be a sensitive snowflake? Don't say anything negative on socalhoops or I will tell you become a coach. I am not sticking up for the original poster. I think he is an idiot. But you are pretty close to matching the original posters' stupidity.

: : And you're a dirt bag or a low life or God's gift to posting?

: Marcello is one of the best coaches in So Cal. PERIOD> You are an idiot. Has been on top for decades.

He is on every Coaches Board, including CIF. He is well respected and represents the school and CIF as an ambassador to girls basketball. M.E. is truly a lving legend and a top notch coach in So Cal. Above poster is clueless and should be banned from all posts.

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