Re: More bad info from two people who don't know what they're talking about...

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Posted by Common Sense on August 03, 2019 at 10:17:52:

In Reply to: Re: More bad info from two people who don't know what they're talking about... posted by Add to it on August 02, 2019 at 22:27:46:

: : : : True...scolastic events meaning open gym at a high school-for D1. For d2-3-naia, JC, they're allowed to go to watch

: : : You're both wrong. There is such thing as a viewing period in NCAA recruiting terminology. However, there is a evaluation period, a quiet period, a dead period, and a...wait for period!

: : : During the contact period, according to the NCAA's website, "...a college coach may have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents, watch student-athletes compete and visit their high schools, and write or telephone student-athletes or their parents."

: : : Funny. I don't see a restriction for only watching student-athletes compete at scholastic events. And usually the NCAA is pretty precise when they don't want coaches to do something as obvious as not going to viewing tournaments. Every explanation of the contact period says D1 and D2 coaches can view student-athletes at high school OR club events.

: : : Spreading lies and misinformation is hurting players and parents who read this board. Stop it.

: : NO Division 1 coach can watch any player on their club team during the contact time. That is and always has been a rule. You are the one who is misinformed. I have MANY and they can't be out at events. Only visiting High schools.

: They simply can't be at events. Events would need to be sanctioned by the NCAA and they will not do it. Contact only means coaches can contact players and attend HS practices. I don't even think they can be at Fall Leagues unless thats a new rule change.

More misinformation. So here's some good information for parents and recruits.

Here's a link to the 2018-2019 NCAA D1 women's recruiting calendar:

And here is the 2019-2020 calendar:

The reason that I put the link for the 2018 calendar is to show that when Cal Sparks, Cal Storm, Cal Swish, and West Coast Premier all took off for Boo Williams in April, they were doing so in an evaluation period for certified non-scholastic events. Nike Nationals in July occurred during an evaluation period for certified non-scholastic events and institutional camps. It wasn't a "viewing period".

Evaluation periods have restrictions. September 9th-29th is not an evaluation period. It's a contact period. And during a contact period, a coach can go to a club event, see an overlooked senior, talk to the kid and set up a home visit, and visit the kid in his home and make an offer and not violate a single rule. Or they can talk to a junior and offer, but no home visit. That is a no no until they're a senior.

If you still want to believe that you're right, roll to the bottom of the 2019-2020 PDF I linked to. See how there is no tag for scholastic events, certified non-scholastic events, or certified non-scholastic events and institutional camps for the period of September 9th-29th? That means coaches aren't restricted. They can be at any event they choose to be at, whether it be a high school fall league, a club tournament, club practice, or high school practice. Their only worry is not going over their 112 allotted in-person recruiting days.

So I'm pretty certain that every club running a viewing tournament will be holding that tournament during that Sept. 9th-29th period when D1 coaches can attend. Doesn't mean they will, but they can.

I don't know what D1 coaches you know (and honestly, I don't think you know any), but they need to be retested by their AD on the rules, because obviously they don't know the rules of their own jobs.

Or you can just quit lying to the kids and parents.

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