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Posted by h00pzdad on July 05, 2019 at 10:56:08:

In Reply to: Re: Travel coaches posted by Been there on July 04, 2019 at 16:26:54:

: : : : : : 2-3 weeks --dang we already give those guys 9 months during the school year. And what do they do with it, enter a ton of leagues here and there but never work on real individual skill development. I will admit that some high school coaches do an amazing job here in Cali--but others are an embarrassment. What can be accomplished during those additional 2-3 weeks? High school coaches are already asking kids to miss club practices and tournaments, interfering with team chemistry, and so these kids, shaking and trembling run to their high school games---where they play horrible teams and competition. Then those high school coaches do the same thing they have been doing all year and play particular lineups. I get that a kid should certainly earn their PT, but then that's why club games are for right?

: : : : : Good high school coaches use the summer for skill development. If they arenít doing that, somethings wrong. As a rule of thumb, travel ball coaches should reserve the month of June for players to be with their HS teams. It builds chemistry for the upcoming school year and all that... however, that being said, if a school has a top kid and that kid wants to go play at a tournament where college coaches are, let them go.... this does a few things, possibly one of the your players could get a scholarship, strengthening the looks of your program while your bench players get the opportunity to play valuable minutes. Win win in my eyes. HS coaches and AAU coaches need to work together, too much divide not good for the kids. Quit making it about yourselves and do whatís best for the kids...

: : : : The trouble is with most of the travel coaches and high school coaches is ego. They both want to have the kid play for them when they want, no exceptions. Working together would be great but, I don't see it happening. As far as development goes, by daughter was developed by her high school coach, not her club coach..... Food for thought.

: : : What people tend to forget is that there are travel teams and then there are ďtravel teamsĒ. Anyone who has attended an exposure or viewing event knows that the college coaches are only looking at a few courts. The other girls are really just playing for ? Could be in a gym somewhere developing their skills, instead of paying for the top players in their program . Even worse, most of the tournaments arenít viewing events. If someone is good enough to play in eybl or other top level gams, then thatís a different story.
: : That is so accurate. Very good post.

: Thatís the biggest problem with travel ball programs. Most teams within the program get very minimal coaching expertise and very little exposure to college coaches. Those kids are simply paying for the top teams hotels and air flights. At the tournaments, elite to lowest level teams, the college coaches are only there to watch 1 or 2 courts. All these low level travel teams are helping to get girls playing games, but not necessarily getting them to be good players.
: High school coaches who are also teachers, develop the best players as they have the possibility of sports PE class in California. So, high school coaches who are not walk ons , can and do develop their players 10 months out of the year . Travel ball coaches practice 2 times per week max. And if youíve ever been to most of these programs practices, there is no teaching going on there, just running offense vs defense. So, compromise with these girls, let them play with their high schools in June and go to elite tourney with their travel teams in July. Simple. In the end, the parent can see if they feel they need an outside trainer as well to bridge the development. But AAUand high school can coexist. And if you really want a good player, you will allow them to do both not force one over the other

I've never been able to understand why this continues to come up again and again. Most kids should be able to attend their high school summer workouts (which, let's face it, probably aren't that physically demanding) AND their club workouts and games. As for which team to play with in the summer, look at the best high school programs in the state. Only two that I can think of (LJCD down south and Mitty up north) really keep their kids together all summer. The other programs - MD, Windward, Etiwanda, etc - know their kids need to play summer ball in the more competitive club environment so they build a summer team out of the JV kids and the varsity bench players and get those kids some minutes and experience. If your high school wants your child to play with them all summer instead of club ball where they will be with the more serious kids who want to play at the next level, then you should probably think about moving to a different school.

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