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Posted by Observer on July 02, 2019 at 22:50:37:

In Reply to: Re: Popscout Scouting Reports posted by Fan on June 27, 2019 at 10:41:07:

: : : : : : : You should consider taking down that inaccurate post from your site, it's slander buddy.

: : : : : : This is hardly "slander" (nor is it libel, which refers to written defamation, whereas slander refers to spoken defamatory statements).

: : : : : : I think it's intended to be a frank, but seemingly harsh, STATEMENT OF OPINION (that is, the opinion of Popsscout). Does it need to be posted on the internet? That's certainly a subject for debate.

: : : : : : Any college coaches that may be recruiting her aren't going to put much (if any) stock in this sort of writeup. So everyone should relax.

: : : : : : That said, the suggestions aren't bad, and ANY PLAYER would benefit from doing some of the work suggested.

: : : : : : And after all, this is just one person's opinion, and it's probably worth just about what everyone reading it has paid for it.

: : : : : The problem with this inaccurate reporting is that if I'm a scout and I Google her name (+ basketball), his site is pooping out. Scouts won't pay must attention to this as you say, how would you know? Like the guy said, he's been evaluating her since she was a freshman at VC. So if am a scout I won't take this post lightly. And since his "scouting report" as he calls it is inaccurate, that's slander.

: : : : Well, um, that's like your opinion, man.

: :
: : : You can debate the accuracy of Popscout's "evaluations" - both of individuals and teams and coaches. My issue is mainly that he presents them as absolutes - as if because he played on a good high school team 20+ years ago there are no other valid opinions.

: : : Especially when it's obvious he has only watched a team and/or player once or twice.

: : : That being said, it is just his opinion, and that is all it is.

: : : My bigger issue is if you do not have positive things to say about a minor (boy or girl), don't publish them on a free website and then link to it on a message board.

: : : I'm not saying he (or anyone) should just say a player/team is good if they are not. I'm saying just say nothing.

: : : If he wants to put out full, detailed evaluations for college coaches - then set up a pay area on your site and charge for the services. However, just know that is a crowded space to be in, as there are several well-established scouting services that already exist with a proven track record in that arena.

: : : To be honest, the guy takes really good pictures and makes some nice highlight videos. He used to go to games/tourneys and take the pics and offer them for sale right there.

: : : I'm not sure putting himself out there as some kind of guru is the best use of his energies. His goal is obviously to monetize all this; and his "controversial" posts and evaluations do not help towards that end.

: : All players have things they need to work on, for him to make a post about a top 5% player just seems wrong. The approach could have been so much better. What's that write up going to look like for a lessor player, going to only highlight their "good skills" this time or just going to add to the hammer list? Lack of consistency.
: Im a fan. Keep posting! Its just an opinion. Usually one other people agree with. Hes not mean about it. If one person sees a flaw others do to. So work on it. Learn to use the criticism to be better

Yah, one of these days he will do a negative write up on the wrong girl and her posey will give pay him a visit.

Be smart, don't do to other kids what you don't want done to yours. Remember that these are amateur girl athletes. Keep your bs to yourself. In other words, if you don't have anything good to say, stfu.

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