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Posted by Crazy parent on June 27, 2019 at 23:23:02:

In Reply to: Re: JSerra posted by LOL on June 27, 2019 at 23:07:31:

: : : : : : Vanguard assistant coach, James Parker, hired as head coach at Pacifica Christian. JSerra has still yet to hire a head coach and parents are not happy. Wondering what’s going on down there? Possibly a clueless administration?

: : : : : : SM hires quick and already started summer camp.
: : : : : : Brea Olinda with an in-house hire, already started.
: : : : : : Los Al hires vanguard alumni and got started.
: : : : : : Pacifica Christian also takes a vanguard associate and got started.

: : : : : : Hmmmmm....

: : : : : JSerra wants a top-level, experienced coach that also fits with the mission of the school. It's not a place where they want to hire a trainee coach (SM went this route despite their coach's very successful playing career-she will have a 2-3 year learning curce)

: : : : : They also expect a coach to be able to attract top talent and to compete and beat the likes of Mater Dei and Rosary (as well as SM, who they have generally beaten like a drum in GBB over the years). The resources will be there if they get the coaching hire right.

: : : : : Of the two south county TL schools this is the better opportunity of the two given recent history and location of school.

: : : : : Recent hires at JSerra have fit that profile quite well-and the athletic department has generally gotten their hires right. Surprised this has taken as long as it has-=the right coach could be VERY successful there.

: : : : : Having said that-this has taken too long and if it drags will do major damage to the program long-term (especially if the hire is less than stellar). Don't blame parents for being upset-maybe administration needs to have a parent meeting to calm the waters?

: : : : You keep putting down SM like a bad politician ad that keeps running months after an election. Bottom line is that they have hired a coach, participating in team drills and summer league games while your girls are forced to go out on their own to find training. And when was the last time you took inventory on how many girls are still committed to the JS program. While you think the new coach might need a couple of years to get going, at least they are fielding a team. Culture is everything and they have started to build something.

: : : Culture is everything, which I believe was the point of the original poster... New coaches in the TL do a few years although SM might be OKAY considering they got rid of the “garbage” and are fielding a returning roster. It will be interesting to see what SM can bring to the table and what type of kids she can recruit going forward.

: : The longer this hire takes, the more damage done to the JSerra program long-term-unless the hire is absolutely stellar.

: : My suspicion is that they are looking to hit a home-run-but if it drags out much longer they may hit into a triple play. Communication to the parents by the school is vital at this point.

: Looks like Daddy wanted a say in the hire.

Exactly, they need not to talk to you. Just be happy with your financial aid. Your kid is not all that, otherwise she'd be at Mater Dei or Windward.

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