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Posted by Fan on June 27, 2019 at 10:41:07:

In Reply to: Re: Popscout Scouting Reports posted by Problem on June 11, 2019 at 08:57:31:

: : : : : : You should consider taking down that inaccurate post from your site, it's slander buddy.

: : : : : This is hardly "slander" (nor is it libel, which refers to written defamation, whereas slander refers to spoken defamatory statements).

: : : : : I think it's intended to be a frank, but seemingly harsh, STATEMENT OF OPINION (that is, the opinion of Popsscout). Does it need to be posted on the internet? That's certainly a subject for debate.

: : : : : Any college coaches that may be recruiting her aren't going to put much (if any) stock in this sort of writeup. So everyone should relax.

: : : : : That said, the suggestions aren't bad, and ANY PLAYER would benefit from doing some of the work suggested.

: : : : : And after all, this is just one person's opinion, and it's probably worth just about what everyone reading it has paid for it.

: : : : The problem with this inaccurate reporting is that if I'm a scout and I Google her name (+ basketball), his site is pooping out. Scouts won't pay must attention to this as you say, how would you know? Like the guy said, he's been evaluating her since she was a freshman at VC. So if am a scout I won't take this post lightly. And since his "scouting report" as he calls it is inaccurate, that's slander.

: : : Well, um, that's like your opinion, man.

: : You can debate the accuracy of Popscout's "evaluations" - both of individuals and teams and coaches. My issue is mainly that he presents them as absolutes - as if because he played on a good high school team 20+ years ago there are no other valid opinions.

: : Especially when it's obvious he has only watched a team and/or player once or twice.

: : That being said, it is just his opinion, and that is all it is.

: : My bigger issue is if you do not have positive things to say about a minor (boy or girl), don't publish them on a free website and then link to it on a message board.

: : I'm not saying he (or anyone) should just say a player/team is good if they are not. I'm saying just say nothing.

: : If he wants to put out full, detailed evaluations for college coaches - then set up a pay area on your site and charge for the services. However, just know that is a crowded space to be in, as there are several well-established scouting services that already exist with a proven track record in that arena.

: : To be honest, the guy takes really good pictures and makes some nice highlight videos. He used to go to games/tourneys and take the pics and offer them for sale right there.

: : I'm not sure putting himself out there as some kind of guru is the best use of his energies. His goal is obviously to monetize all this; and his "controversial" posts and evaluations do not help towards that end.

: All players have things they need to work on, for him to make a post about a top 5% player just seems wrong. The approach could have been so much better. What's that write up going to look like for a lessor player, going to only highlight their "good skills" this time or just going to add to the hammer list? Lack of consistency.
Im a fan. Keep posting! Its just an opinion. Usually one other people agree with. Hes not mean about it. If one person sees a flaw others do to. So work on it. Learn to use the criticism to be better

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