Re: Division Calculations Are Wrong!

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Posted by POS on May 31, 2019 at 19:33:16:

In Reply to: Re: Division Calculations Are Wrong! posted by I guess I'm Trump on May 31, 2019 at 14:07:19:

: : I can guarantee that most of the teams are in the wrong division and that the numbers used are also incorrect too. Don't believe this person they are wrong and spreading misinformation that should not be used in any way. In one of the other threads I proved that the information being shared was wrong. So I don't know why this person believes that they should share misinformation over and over again. I guess he is Trump or something. People tell them that they are wrong but still keeps sharing misinformation as being the truth.

: Again, POS always lives up to his name...

: There is no guarantee of the numbers since I don't have the team-by-team CIF power rankings, but a lot of coaches have verified their numbers to me. I did have PV wrong and know what happened and the list I just posted still had the wrong PV number, but I disclosed that in the post...

: We will see when the list comes out in months if I am right or not... It should be pretty accurate - definitely not 50% wrong as POS likes to say -- skewing and spewing his venom.

Spewing venom? More like spewing the truth! I love that you are butt hurt because I am proving you wrong and you can't handle it. I see hate from people on this site because they can't handle someone like me speaking the truth. Not just speaking the truth but backing up with facts too. It sucks because you can't prove me wrong and you hate it. It sucks for you, that I am showing to everyone on this site that you are wrong. Not just a little wrong but very wrong.

I proved your information to be wrong and still you stand by your information. How many coaches did you talk to 1? 2? None? List the coaches you talked to because I guarantee that you didn't talk to a single coach. But still you say your numbers are right and they are not but still you post lists of divisions that are over 50% wrong.

I pointed out looking at two leagues you posted the Valle Vista and Bay League that over 50% of the teams were wrong. I went through more leagues that you posted and guess what over 50% were wrong too. Come one man!!

You are sharing information that idiots believe to be true and are now scheduling believing that they are in a divisions they are not. You think you are helping people when all you are doing is causing more harm with your blatant misinformation. What happens when CIF does release the divisions and over 50% of your information is wrong, will you own up to it? Will you apologize? Nope you will sit there on your high horse like Trump and come up with another excuse why you were wrong. Oh I forgot to carry the one!! Darn!!

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