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Posted by and . . . . on May 23, 2019 at 08:00:26:

In Reply to: Re: Your numbers are wrong!! posted by You are right on PV on May 22, 2019 at 22:34:55:

: : You are right if you passed high school algebra and you can do basic math you can figure out every team's number. But here's the thing what this person has for results for the Bay League for example is off. Since I can add and passed high school algebra I decided to look at the Bay League teams. This person got Redondo, Leuzinger and Compton Centennial right but they got Palos Verdes, Peninsula and Mira Costa wrong. Oops, sorry.

: : Here is my proof. Let's look at Palos Verdes for example. Their total from 2017-18 was 14.96. 14.96x.30=4.488
: : Palos Verdes this season went 20-11. Here are the teams that they played and their points.

: : El Segundo D3 20 points
: : Crenshaw LA City 0 points
: : Legacy LA City 0 points
: : El Segundo D3 6 points
: : North Torrance D2 10 points
: : Sage Hill D3 20 points
: : Laguna Hills D3 20 points
: : Corona del Mar D3 20 points
: : Tustin D2 30 points
: : Mira Costa D2 10 points
: : Cypress D2- 25 points
: : Rosary Open 14 points
: : Ana. Canyon D2 30 points
: : Foothill D1 12 points
: : Everett Alvarez CCS 0 points
: : Bur. Providence D4 15 points
: : Righetti Central Section 0 points
: : Seaside CCS 0 points
: : St. Paul D2 30 points
: : Redondo Open 14 points
: : Leuzinger D2 10 points
: : Compton Centennial D4- 10 points
: : Peninsula D3 6 points
: : Compton Centennial D4- 10 points
: : Mira Costa D2 30 points
: : Redondo Open 14 points
: : Leuzinger D2 30 points
: : Peninsula D3 6 points
: : Lancaster D2 30+9 points
: : Saugus D2 30+13.5 points
: : Santa Margarita D2 10 points

: : Now if you add up the points you should get a total of 484.5. Palos Verdes played 26 games against Southern Section teams. 484.5/26=18.6346
: : 18.6346x.70=13.04422 is their total for 2018-19 season. Now you add their 2018-19 total of 13.04422 and their 2017-18 total of 4.488.
: : 13.04422+4.488=17.5322

: : Therefore, I don't believe your numbers and neither should anybody else on this site because they are wrong! It is obvious that the coaches you talked to are wrong as well. I guess someone didn't pass high school algebra or maybe they should take a refresher course. Before you go and say that you got half right. Well I looked at your Valle Vista League totals and Northview and Hacienda Heights Wilson were correct but all of the other schools were wrong. I am sure if I go through your numbers I am willing to bet that over half are wrong!

: I went back and looked at PV and see that I divided by 1 game extra, hence the happens.. Iíll take that over 50% bet .. go ahead and do D1 - D4A and letís see...

: : So you are feeding these idiots on this site the wrong information. Of course these idiots are too stupid and too lazy to check your numbers. Everyone just wait until CIF releases the divisions since those numbers will be 100% accurate instead of less than 50% accurate.

I am not the one providing this info but I know a few people who dabble with the numbers trying to get a picture of where teams may land - of course CIFSS determines how many teams in a division so no matter the math their is always a little difference in where the line may end for any division.

Personally I sent in multiple corrections to CIFSS after they released their numbers last year, notice how every once in a while they have a corrections by school name in a different division - even the mighty CIFSS makes some mistakes with the 500+ teams they are computing. They had one team in D3 when they should have been in 5A, a pretty easy thing to notice without even doing the math and yet mistakes are still made. We appreciate those who make the effort and appreciate girls basketball and the competition.

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