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Posted by POS is great on May 15, 2019 at 19:40:51:

In Reply to: Re: New Thread for 2019-20 Divisions posted by POS on May 15, 2019 at 06:34:37:

: : : : : Just starting a new thread for potential divisions next year
: : : : : since the other one is running off the page now...

: : : : What about the Camino Real League teams?
: : : : St. Mary's
: : : : St. Paul
: : : : St. Joseph
: : : : La Salle
: : : : St. Monica

: : : : Thanks

: : : Going back to older thread regarding the Mission Valley league teams-how much does strength of schedule play into numbers? Does it only matter if you win those games?
: : : Rosemead had that once-in-a-generation group of players, but did not schedule accordingly. They really only played 2 schools outside of league-MLK and Ramona (they split). Gabrielino's best win came against Northview who's best player got hurt in the first 4 minutes and never returned. Marshall played a few quality teams, but nothing too tough. Arroyo probably played the toughest schedule with games vs Cajon, Norco, Leuzinger, Garey, Dominguez and South Torrance-but lost all of those games. They seem to consistently play the toughest schedule compared to the other MVL schools-which is probably why their record is not what Rosemead or Gabrielino's are.
: : : Is it the schedule in general, or winning games vs those tougher opponents that counts?
: : :
: : In general, its who you win against. Rosemead got way more power points beating Gabrielino than losing to MLK. System should still have a clause that says if you don't win a first round playoff game you don't go up a division. Mission Valley League probably won't win a title or get close because they are all public schools and usually don't get transfers. Rosemead, Gabrielino and Arroyo should be in Div 4A if it was based on equity. Anyway for the persons doing the points for next year's division, a big thank you for taking your time to do the rankings of divisions!

: I can't agree with you more. The Mission Valley League is plain garbage just like 85% of the leagues in the Southern Section. I am sure we could make a list of the worst leagues in the Southern Section and it would be a long list of leagues that have teams that have a) never won a CIF Championship b) never played for a CIF Championship c) qualified for the Open Division. I was going to add made to the state playoffs but since competitive equality has happened more horrible teams have made it to state, prime example Anaheim.

: However, "System should still have a clause that says if you don't win a first round playoff game you don't go up a division" WTF?? Really? CIF has already watered down the divisions enough for all of the non-elite teams. Come on, we have teams that finish 3rd and 4th in leagues winning CIF Championships down in Division 3AA and lower. How is that fair? CIF has already done enough to ruin girls basketball with competitive equality. Attendance at the CIF finals have been down for the past 3 years. Any CIF championship below Division 2A is so hard to watch because every team lacks coaching and basic fundamentals. CIF expects fans to spend $15 to watch two teams that could barely win half of their games in league compete for a CIF Championship? Come on!!

: The clause should be if you go 27-1 or 26-2 in the regular season you should automatically be moved to Division 1 for the following year because it is obvious you are scheduling teams that you have no business playing. We wouldn't have this equality mess if teams would actually schedule accordingly and step up and play tougher competition. But its not fair the "elite" schools recruit or get transfers. So what! I would much rather lose by 50 to an Open Division team than beat a team by 30 that my F/S could beat handily. That's how teams get better by playing better competition.

: Besides, it's not CIF's fault a team that wins a soft league championship can't get out of the first round of the playoffs, right Lancaster??

POS, just out of curiosity, did you ever play? Coach? Or do anything other than hide behind a smart phone?

Lancaster is just fine.. strange but 50% of the teams lose in the first round each year.. unfortunately we did it the last two years.. 2 years ago was a Virginia type of shock, but last year vs PV was just a tough first round matchup...we realize we are stepping up from D4 to D2 in a short time and have to get better, so we keep working and our girls keep going to college and benefitting from a program that cares about them as students, athletes and most importantly young women who have to be equipped to deal with negative folks in this world.

I know you secretly wish you could do something other than mock the people on here so I will keep praying for you to get out of the darkness and vile you constantly spit on the forum
and see some light and positivity...I see a breakthrough coming for you in the near future.. Amen

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