Re: Top Circuits NIKE,UA, or ADIDAS???

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Posted by Can't start everyone on April 15, 2019 at 16:09:41:

In Reply to: Re: Top Circuits NIKE,UA, or ADIDAS??? posted by Sparks on April 15, 2019 at 15:44:21:

: : : : : What are the Pros and Cons of each Circuit on the girls side ?
: : : : : Which circuit truly is the best?

: : : : : Thank You

: : : : A year ago, this was an easy question.

: : : : EYBL, then Addidas and it wasn't really close as to which was "the best".

: : : : However, now with UA getting into the mix, and with Steph Curry being vocally pro-girls, things may be in flux.

: : : : As for which is the "best", at this point it is probably EYBL - if "best" means prestige and weight with coaches.

: : : : But listening to people, it seems like the other leagues are catching up fast.

: : : : EYBL is of course the standard, as it was truly the only relevant circuit in past years. For the most part, the best girls played there, providing there was team that worked logistically.

: : : : Of course, there were plenty of non-EYBL teams that beat up on some of the EYBL teams, but in the eyes of the college coaches - EYBL has been No 1.

: : : : UA is the shiny new toy, and has some of the top girls in each class, and a few teams that people argue should have been EYBL teams anyway. But since EYBL was capped at 32, those teams didn't have a "shoe circuit" to play on.

: : : : The question is does the circuit have the organization down? Can the events run smoothly?There are always bumps in the road when you are just starting something this big.

: : : : When you talk about Adidas, it's really only the Platinum Gauntlet teams that should be discussed with EYBL and UA. There a ton of Gold and Silver teams. There are only 32 EYBL teams, and a certain amount of UA teams. The Platinum teams are supposed to be at that level.

: : : : With Adidas, last year you heard more about its quality improving (talent wise). They put on big events that coaches went to. The question is their choosing of teams, if they are as "picky" as the others.

: : : : So everyone is going to have their preference, but we won't have a better idea until after the Spring/Summer to see how it all plays out.

: : : : With now three top circuits, the talent level is more spread out, so the question will be is that too many.

: : : : The big thing is with less viewing periods/days, and more "marquee shoe circuit events", the girls that don't play on those teams and in those events are not going to have the same number of coaches looking at them.

: : : : And it's not just the BCS schools. Mid-majors constantly try to "overreach" with high end players, and key recruiters will no longer be at the regional level events, or at least won't spend the same amount of time and resources there.

: : : : Let's revisit this in the Fall and see how it all went.

: : : : Personally, I would advise if your kid is in her last season or two of club, she should stay in EYBL, if she is already in a good placement there. Switching to a new venue that is literally in the beginning stages is not a sound call for a parent who wants guaranteed exposure. All kids below that, or not already plugged into EYBL properly, would be able to take that chance and be just fine with whatever the outcome is this season.

: : 1st semi big tournament of the season run by Cal Sparks this past weekend:
: :

: : Top Bracket Teams:
: : Cal Sparks Gold EYBL (Nike)
: : Cal Sparks San Diego (Nike)
: : Cal Stars Valley Elite (Nike)
: : Cal Storm Taurasi EYBL (Nike)
: : EBO Black (Adidas)
: : EBO Team Fresh (Adidas)
: : GBL Derek Fisher National (Adidas)
: : IHoop2 Blue (?indy?)
: : OC Rhythm Black (indy)
: : OC Rhythm Blue (indy)
: : Salesian Elite (indy)
: : San Diego Sol Elite (indy)
: : San Diego Waves 17u (UA)
: : Troop West Black (Adidas)
: : Vegas United 17u GUAA (UA)
: : West Coast Elite 17GUAA (UA)

: : FINAL FOUR (3 Nike & 1 Adidas)
: : Sparks Gold
: : Stars
: : Taurasi
: : EBO

: : Taurasi jumped out to an 18-0 lead on EBO and cruised the rest of the way.

: : Stars started strong vs Sparks Gold but slowly faded.

: : Taurasi early spring statement building a 20pt lead and cruising over Sparks Gold.

: : ...So Best is NIKE, however, every team has top level college talent, difference is these TOP top top teams, their 2nd string has some players better than your starters.

: Yup, why is Munn coming off the bench for Cal Sparks? She's their best ball handler and sees the floor better than the ones that started before her?

And you never know who missed practice or was late to the game, etc. Or maybe wasn't feeling well, but give it another few tourneys and lineups / rotations should be set by then.

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