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Posted by JV - Improvement In Skills is What Really Matters on December 16, 2016 at 08:19:20:

In Reply to: Re: La Canada Tournament posted by Yes and No on December 16, 2016 at 07:55:09:

: : : : Just got a chance to look at the La Canada JV schedule. How do you set up a tournament where there is no way to define a clear winner. Teams dont pay this amount of money to just play games.

: : : : This is not the first time they have done this. A few years ago they did the same thing and the guy who knows nothing about basketball randomly gave out awards to teams that he liked.

: : : : Maybe in the future if you arent going to have a clear way for teams to place you can let the schools know in advance so that THEY can decide if they want to play in your format.

: : : Are you being serious. Its a JV tournament. Its developmental basketball. About getting kids minutes and a chance to improve. Who cares where your team places. You are concerned with the wrong things.

: : This has to be from a JV coach who thinks wins and losses matter instead of teaching skills to get kids ready for varsity. You are a JV coach buddy. Come on. This definitely isn't from a parent because JV parents are not parents of club kids (Club kids make varsity) so you don't even know how to read a bracket. JV parents get excited and are totally different from the nuts club-varsity parents who are win at all costs. Add to it no parent gets brackets, thats for coaches. Memo to you: If you ever want to be a varsity coach be loyal to your boss, teach skills, be on time and present and above all- STOP WORRYING ABOUT WINS AT THE JV LEVEL. NOBODY CARES.

: Generally I agree with wins not being the important thing at JV level. It is about developing players and their skills so hopefully some can contribute to the varsity team at some point.

: However, there are schools where they actually have a strong JV team/program where many will contribute at varsity level, especially if they are frosh players on JV. These schools usually have a strong varsity team that regularly competes for league championships and maybe more.

: In those cases, it is important to teach the JV players HOW to win. Beyond X's and O's and development, it's an ATTITUDE you have. The earlier you instill that in players the more they will contribute to the varsity if/when they make it to that level.

: Again, in 90% of cases previous posters are dead on - it's all about development. I'm just pointing out it's not an absolute.

: I don't know which case the OP falls in.

In the SFV, the strong JV programs are Granada, El Camino, sometimes Chaminade, Alemany, Harvard Westlake. These JV teams do have club players who are developing and hopefully can be varsity contributors junior or senior year.

Some teams or parents (in many cases) worry about who wins and how much you score, but really the focus is whether the JV team is developing your daughter's skills to play on the varsity team. Not about whether she scores x number of points, its about is she improving ball handling, getting her shot off quicker, driving to the basket under control, improving her passing, etc. In addition, like previous poster said, can she handle the pressure of a close game where she may have to defend against or make a winning shot. Because if she is not improving, she will get exposed at Varsity.

And this is coming from someone whose daughter is now playing varsity and has improved in all these areas, but still routinely gets schooled by more experienced and better players.

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