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Posted by Don't be naive on March 13, 2019 at 22:35:33:

In Reply to: Re: Competitive division, yeah right posted by yup on March 13, 2019 at 17:15:12:

: : : : : : : : : State championships: You have to love how this new way of putting teams in divisions is working out. Let's see on the girls side average margin of victory was 18 points. Only 1 game decided by less then 10 points. On the boys side not much better. Again only 1 game decided by less then 10 points. The average margin of victory on boys side was 16 points. You lose so many good teams to 1 division the rest is a crap shot. Need to stop pizza and a trophy for everyone

: : : : : : : I would love to see a 4 Day (Thur-Sun) Final Four goto Sacramento with Cross Pool Play. SoCal higher seed vs NorCal lower seed and SoCal lower seed vs NorCal higher seed. 2 Winners play for State Championship.

: : : : : : :It is too loate for that. Everyone gets an ORANGE SLICE! Look at the college admissions scandal. These divisions are so everyone feels godd. Don't make anyone work for anything. Everyone is entitled. Welcome to the future.

: : : : :
: : : : : Oh my gosh.... stop!!!! Every single state has divisions for every sport!!! California has more cheaters than most states because of the allowance of private schools to be on the same scale as public schools, but without the same standards!
: : : : : Make a private schools separate division like most states have and hold them to the same standards as public schools and you eliminate theses nasty comments on this board about student athletes who want to go to school with the other students they grew up with! The people on here constantly critiquing athletes based on 1 division are the ones who think they are entitled. This is high school sports and not every high school basketball player is even thinking of playing basketball in college. That doesn’t make them worthless like this poster on here wants them to feel!

: : : : This is false. over 70 percent of the states have privates and publics competing in the same divisions.

: : : If you separate public from private schools then LB Poly and Etiwanda will dominate that division. Then you will come back on here and say that those 2 should be in private division.

: : : And those 2 schools want to compete at the top level so I don't think they are going to want public separated from private.

: : : Instead of you crying like a little child, you should do a better job with your program so that players don't transfer out.

: : AHA!! Stupid comment of the day. It isn't about kids transferring out of schools because the coaches aren't doing a good job. It is about the private schools recruiting all of them out of grade school with promises of free tuition, free gear and a better education. The public schools that do not or are not able to recruit lose all of the talent in their area to the private schools..THUS...aren't playing by the same rules and shouldn't play in the same divisions.

: The above poster is 100% correct. Private schools will always have an advantage as they dangle that golden carrot to recruit the best. Look at the teams that won Sate open and division 1. Sierra has 3 transfers and Rosary has 3 transfers, neither would have won without them. The private schools have so much to offer and lets be clear MOST, not all, but MOST transfer to private schools because of the better basketball program, not because of a better education. Some of these schools these transfers came from are actually BETTER educationally than the school they transferred to.

::Of course basketball is a big part of the reasons these athletes transfer to those schools. It's basketball that will set them apart from pool of straigh 'A' students that some of these athletes will be competing against for admission in very selective colleges.

Take Jump and Astron of Pinewood for example. Do you think Stanford and Yale heavily recruited them because they went to Pinewood? Wake up, if your kid is fortunate enought to have brain and can ball then you have to put them in the right program so that they developed to their full potential. Playing at the top level against top ballers out there.

Dropping 30 game after game in a park n rec league isn't the same as playing in D1 or Open divisions. And guess what? College coaches know it. You think you got game? Then compete against the best. Am out...

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