Re: What happened to Ayanna Clark?

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Posted by Jeremy Tandor on December 08, 2016 at 10:39:17:

In Reply to: Re: What happened to Ayanna Clark? posted by Ashli Williams on December 07, 2016 at 19:08:55:

: For every person commenting about my sister let me let you know 2 things, #1 she's a 17 years old girl! You are all grown adults commenting. You have that much time on your hands to publicly parade your option about someone else's child. You all have no idea what goes on with her or her family. #2 you all don't care anything about her besides to see how many baskets she makes or what she's done so you can gossip about her. She's a TEENAGER! Mind your own and if you can't speak to the adults in her life shut up.!Matter of fact come to my house and speak to me. You can stay up with her until midnight doing math and Spanish with us. There's not one day she nor her family make excuses for her, she messed up and she's paying for it and she working. Unless your comment is I'm coming over with some torturing material then shut up. You should all be ashamed that you are so small that you'd open your mouth about someone's child. Another thing don't hide behind initials. Put your whole name on the message if you can comment you shouldn't need to hide behind your keyboard.

You know why people speak up? Because they see a course that many kids and families have gone down and it is sad. They want to see more PARENTS take responsibility and not continue to repeat these mistakes. To give these talented kids a chance at not just success in basketball, but in life.

Beyond that, it isn't her mess up, like you said she is 17, it is her parents, YOUR parents mess up. You better place the blame with them. THEY valued making BASKETS more than GRADES. Yet, you threw her under the bus and said she messed up. So yes, she is paying for it, paying for it because those that were charged with guiding her FAILED. Education starts with the primary educators, which will always be the parents.

Then you talk about torturing materials!! Right there you have indicted your entire families about the value of education. Education is not a device of torture, it is a avenue for success. Maybe if the value of education was appropriate Ayanna wouldn't be in there current predicament.

Instead, you should come on here and say, my family and I are ashamed that we did not hold up our obligation to Ayanna, to give her the best opportunity for success, we failed her. For that will are deeply sorry, and will renew our efforts towards helping to rectify our past mistakes and lift her up towards a better future.

Then you could have used your families mistakes as a platform to help others not make those same mistakes. Warning of the dangers of not fulfilling responsibilities that make all other success possible.

So I would say you should spend less time on here complaining about what other people are saying and more time fixing past mistakes.

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