Re: Soft Kids go to Private School

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Posted by The Tough Guy on December 08, 2016 at 07:50:52:

In Reply to: Re: Soft Kids go to Private School posted by Really? on December 07, 2016 at 23:36:26:

: : : : : : Why do so many kids that go to a private school eventually crumble when they go on to college? Because they are SOFT. They have been sheltered and given everything by all these so called travel aka wanna be agent coaches and they crumble when they are faced with a real life problem.

: : : : : : Let your kids go to the school in the hood to the home school they belong to. Change your school culture and community don't run from it. Hold principals and coaches accountable.

: : : : : : This was a PSA from The Tough Guy

: : : : : This was nonsense.

: : : : Of course it was. What did you expect from a person who posts a message with the name "Tough Guy"?

: : : I actually agree with every word he said. If you want to keep these kids at their local public schools then work hard to improve the culture and conditions of the school. get an AD that knows what the they are doing, not someone that is there just to collect a $3,000 pay check and do nothing. Hire a coach that takes sports and education seriously, and most importantly, hire someone that actually puts the kids ahead of themselves. lots of horrible coaches out there. if you're an AD and know nothing about sports, like most of them, ask around and do your research before you trust a person with your program.

: : give us some names of those "soft" ass girls that didn't make it in college besides yourself...

: There are plenty of elite kids that go to public schools who can't get into a college because in public schools getting a 2.0 still makes you academically eligible to play. Maybe you should pay attention to the actual facts instead of calling people out for being "soft." Those "soft" kids are getting into IV League schools or high academic UC's because they are pushed academically!!!

So what you are saying is that public schools suck. The teachers suck, the coaches suck, the principals suck, the parents suck, the students suck, the books suck, the janitors suck, and that is everyone is ok with it??? According to this poster, if your kid goes to a public school she will not be pushed academically and again everyone who knows this is ok with it. So the answer is to send kids to private schools because they are 100000000 X better than a public school.

This was a PSA from the last poster. If you work or coach at a public school YOU SUCK!!! You are dumb and you are not capable of pushing kids academically. Why? Because it's a public aka ghetto school.

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