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Posted by Judge on December 06, 2016 at 21:10:13:

In Reply to: Re: Pepperdine Womens more thing posted by Father Flaherty on December 06, 2016 at 20:25:21:

: : : : : : Pepperdine is a great school, great location. Anyone have any idea why their program is not better than it is. They have been on the bottom of the conference for years. It never seems to get better. At one time their women's and men program was very competitive. With all the talent in CA and surrounding states, not sure why the team is not more competitive.

: : : : : Yes, great location, nice school, but also very isolated, very socially strict with the student population, and it only attracts a certain kind of student, not the top athletes who want to play against top competition and get great TV and crowd exposure. Pepperdine's physical plant has come a long way from the days when it was located on Vermont Avenue (where Price HS is now located), and it was run by local tire retailer George Pepperdine, a decent, but deeply and extremely religious figure in Southern California history. Pepperdine has grown into a more well-rounded university now, but at its core, it still reflects the philosophy of its founders. Not a criticism at all, and the entire WCC is made up of similar types of schools, but it is what it is: A smallish school, located in a relatively remote area of LA County (it's great if you surf or like the solitude of the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area), but it's just not for everyone.

: : : : : And besides all of that, from a basketball perspective, the women's program has not been terribly competitive, really ever, going just once to the NCAA tournament in the past 11 years (losing in the first round in 2006). Sure they've been to the WNIT three or four times, but if the men's NIT is pretty much inconsequential, the WNIT is even more so.

: : : : : Hard to recruit there, hard to win and not every available student-athlete fits the school's desired mold.

: : : : Coach Ryan Weisenberg has stated lesbians are not welcome on his team, exactly like University policy. In a sport dominated by lesbians, that's not a likely winning formula.

: : : Officially stated or a rumor that he has made this comment.

: : Yes, really. Not a rumor. It is the current subject of ongoing litigation in U.S. District Court in which the players that were targeted by Weisenberg are suing him and the university for sexual discrimination.

: : He has responded by saying that "Having lesbians on the team will result in a losing situation for Pepperdine women's basketball."

: : Not a joke, not a rumor. It's real and it is at least one reason Pepperdine isn't likely to be recruiting some of the top athletes in the future (at least not top athletes with a sexual orientation that doesn't fit what the university wants in its students).

: And if you really want to know what Pepperdine is all about and why they openly discriminated, it was based on a religious exemption that was allowed by the Federal Department of Education, based on a request by certain religious schools to allow them to discriminate based on religious grounds. And Pepperdine was one of the most openly discriminatory of them all.

: Her's a link to an article explaining the situation and why, in light of the litigation, and many student protests that the litigation engenered, Pepperdine has quietly begun to request a withdrawal from the exemption. It doesn't mean they're going to change their religious beliefs that homosexuality is a sin, but it might quiet down the controversy.

: See this article:


Coach should be fired for discrimination!

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