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Posted by POS on March 04, 2019 at 20:16:31:

In Reply to: Re: Stop Stealing Players posted by CIF message to Etiwanda High School on March 04, 2019 at 15:03:06:

You can say that the commissioner's message was directed at Etiwanda. Sure go right on ahead. Etiwanda is just one of a handful or more programs that get transfers. The first one that comes to my mind this season was Rosary. They had 4 transfers come into the program. One transferred back to Los Osos/Etiwanda but still that is a lot. I know that Rosary are looking for more transfers to come in next season. Their coaches are hard at work looking for any kind of talent. The same could be said about all of the top schools in Southern California. You know that Windward, Sierra Canyon, Mater Dei and everyone else out there will be trying to get as many transfers as possible. Coaches using their travel ball connections and making deals. So don't just think that Etiwanda is the only one. But CIF has made sure that if a school does get a lot of transfers and all of a sudden becomes powerful that team gets put in the Open Division. CIF will still miss a team here or there but eventually those teams that get transfers will be put in a division that will finally punish them for their transfers and bending the rules.

However, me personally the commissioner's message was sent to parents more than anything else. Parents nowadays don't want to listen. Parents think that because they go to a few games all of a sudden they know more than the coaches. Or if they feel that their daughter isn't getting the ball enough or someone else is the star they instantly want to have a meeting with the coaches and tell the coaches how they should run the team. Coaches are tired of the meetings and watching out for feelings. Parents have ruined this game so badly. Just look at how many parents usually in the last row of the gym yell and threatening referees after every foul. Or if a kid that doesn't play that much gets a wide open shot and they miss it. You hear that parent complaining about that too. My favorite is the parent that will sit there after a game and yell and berate their kid about how they played. Constructive criticism is fine but not yelling at them to the point that the kid is upset and loses their love of the sport. If that happens that parent goes back to the coaches and blames them for robbing the kid of their love of the game. If you parents think that they grass is greener at another program 90% of the time it isn't.

Transferring from school to school is not a solution but the reason for the transferring all you have to do is look at the AAU/travel ball scene. Look at how many kids/parents move from team to team because they get a deal or they get a coach kissing their ass so they move. We have so many AAU/travel ball teams now it is ridiculous. So many coaches giving deals to kids and parents and the parents fall for it every time. But then when the deal is one-sided or not to the parents liking they move the kid to the next team. Just like in high school basketball.

Also, most of the time parents move kids so they can brag to their friends and co-workers about what team their kid is on. Most of these AAU/travel ball coaches don't care about the kids. All they care about is how they can make money off these kids or how they can use these kids to market their club team to attract more players. You hardly see a AAU/travel ball coach tout a kid that is on their lowest level team going to some small NAIA school to play basketball.

With everything going on in basketball from the elite programs down the lowest programs they all have one thing in common and that everything starts at home. What you do at home will have the biggest factor on how your kids will be.

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