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Posted by Not a trophy guy on March 02, 2019 at 09:50:18:

In Reply to: Re: Stop Stealing Players posted by Winner on March 02, 2019 at 08:20:14:

: : : : : : : How many years you keep stealing players and still can't WIN the Big Ones. Girls parents, just stay at your home schools and enjoy your only 4 years of high school. Cheaters NEVER WINS!!!!

: : : : : : : Etiwanda transfer parents and players... remember this word
: : : : : : : they call her "KARMA"

: : : : : : : She's a bad mother (Shut your mouth)! LMAO

: : : : : : : Message to Etiwanda. for over 20 plus year you have continue to do the same thing over and over again and ends up with the same results. "NOTHING" Some of those same schools that you have removed players from have already at least WON a CIF Championship. Other than your super League Titles,(blowing teams out by 40 plus points) what do you have to show???

: : : They all cheat, mater dei alamany all the big private schools. Thats why it needs to change. Private division seperate. Dont fault Etiwanda for
: : : Trying to keep up with them. If your not cheating andstealing your not trying.

: :
: : : : : : That "good" player if they have the drive, they are going to play in college staying at home school or playing at Eti because they are going to be on a good club team either way, but 20years from now, they can say, I won CIF championship as they tell the story and nobody is going to say, but it wasn't the Open division etc. This is why some Coaches don't schedule 3 or 4 hard tourneys, they schedule a mix, so the players can have that experience of winning something. That is remembered, not that the competition was weak in that tourney, etc.

: : : : : Nobody is going to say, "but it wasn't the Open division." Because they didn't want to be rude, but they know it wasn't the Open. The trophy and banner will note that as well. Just stating the facts.

: : : : Fact is...
: : : : you are a cheater and the open div. is a joke. why do you think cif started this stupid div.? because of cheater schools and programs like you. MD started it because they are the biggies cheaters in all sports, but cif got tired of being sued by MD over and over again so financially cif decided to stop wasting their money and give up and started this stupid open div. so they can make more money. other than the nba/wnba…playoffs in city, district,county, sections high schools… when you lose your OUT! not play (3) more games and advance to state playoff, that's crazy and stupid! money money money for cif!!!

: : : : it is worth much more if you develop your on kids and then make it to the top. win or lose you, your players and your parents would truly accomplish and appreciate it more.

: : : : And yes we all know, the easies way to get on top is to CHEAT!!! For those who aren’t willing to put in the work and do it the right way! We all know which one you are!

: : Just for reference, here are all of the schools near Etiwanda that have CIF banners in their gyms:

: : Summit
: : Los Osos
: : Fontana
: : A.B. Miller
: : Colony
: : Rialto
: : Alta Loma

: : And here's an insulting one that isn't nearby, but is Etiwanda related: Glendora was the dead last team in the Baseline League in 2013-14. 4 years after leaving that league, they win CIF.

: : I think it's way past time for parents to stop believing that they are going to be part of the team that gets Etiwanda that first banner. They could save themselves a lot of gas and just let their kids go to their home school.

: Please none of those Schools won CIF in the top division so their accomplishments mean nothing as if Etiwanda was in these lower weak divisions they would've won too. Open teams deserve to play all 3 of their games and represent CIF in State as the best teams in the Division and in the State. No one wants to go watch weak teams play. It's a joke. It's like Rec Youth Leagues where everyone gets a trophy. Grow up. Play with the big girls or go home. So many people want to live a fiction life because reality is too tough for them to face. Good bye loser

The fact is Chaminade just finished 9th in the Southern Section. If I were in charge, and thank goodness I am not, every banner would have the actual finishing place listed. So D2AA would be something like 224th while Open would be 1st.

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