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Posted by Be Fair on March 01, 2019 at 08:56:46:

In Reply to: Re: King gets my respect posted by POS on March 01, 2019 at 08:20:37:

: : : : : : : I will be the 1st to admit: props to Martinez. Dude has turned into a great coach. For the last month, I have seen some great coaching from this dude. Tonight, the timeouts and adjustments were on point
: : : : : : : Dude can Coach.

: : : : : : LMAO!! Oh yeah, he can coach. I will give him props for his run this year but he still can't coach. Also he is far from being a great coach. He is an above average coach. The CIF finals showed that. He had the better team and he choked. His team has had a good playoff run but still to get my full respect King has to schedule tougher in the regular season. Next round King plays a better put together team in Cathedral Catholic than the transfers King got. It will come down to coaching.

: : : : : POS: were you at tonight's game? Dude best Poly, JW North, Centennial 2xs, Roosevelt 2s and CIF champion Santiago 2s. He didn't get outcoached in the big stage my dude, his players didnt respond well. He can't make layups for them. Game plan was on point. I used to hate on the guy too, but dude has my respect. Thats all im saying. CIF finals, state bid: more than 90% of coaches cant have that on their accomplishment list.

: : : : "players didnt respond". UMMMM that's called Coaching you IDIOT. If the game plan is on point and the players don't execute it, that is COACHING.

: : : POS. Now can you give Martinez and King props or do you have more excuses. Just knock out the #1 team in state. Keep hating he keeps winning

: : They aren't the #1 team in the State. There's 16 more teams better than King and they are playing in the Open. The team they beat was given the #1 seed because Southern California tries to share seeds amongst the Sections.

: Good for King...they keep proving me wrong but nope, still can't give Martinez any props for coaching. Just can't. Nor can I give any coach or team in the Big VIII any props because none of them can win a championship with all of the talent that they get. And before you say, Santiago won a championship. Division 3AA is a far cry from Division 1 or the Open Division. A fourth place team in a league won a championship if you want to tout that go ahead. I can't because to me no team that finishes fourth should be allowed to win a championship unless that team is in Division 1. The Big VIII with the exception of Coach Perez has always had weak coaching. They can recruit kids from all over and have the softest and easiest transfer rules but none of these coaches can win a championship or win the big game. Maybe King and Coach Martinez could finally prove me wrong but he still can't coach. Martinez still hasn't played a tough schedule and never will. Next year if King goes 26-1 in the regular season they will be in the Open Division. So I would recommend King actually going out and actually playing someone. Go to Redondo Union Tournament or go to the Troy Tournament. Schedule teams like Rosary and Etiwanda or other teams that recruit heavily. Martinez needs to put on his big boy pants and play teams instead of the creampuffs that King always schedules. Maybe then he can earn some respect and learn how to coach too.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
King 13 19 7 10 49
Cathedral Catholic 8 19 14 3 44

Had King lost, you'd be killing the poor Coach saying it's his fault. Then other posters would back the Coach and say, he had the game plan but it's the players fault. But he got the team a W in a tight game, so he's above average at a minimum. A crappy Coach will find a way to lose close ball games. This year's playoff run, we can evaluate that Coaching is getting better at a minimum, unless we want to "dispute" earlier poster who said it's the players faults and give the credit to the players on Ws in close games. In reality, it's really both. Great Coaches get max effort and execution from the players. Legendary Coaches keep winning and have fans saying, their players aren't even that talented but they just WIN. Above average Coaches get their fair share of wins in close ball games. Below average Coaches force their system and believes even when the players don't fit the roles needed and can not adjust in game strategy. Worst Coaches act like clowns in addition :)

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