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Posted by Observer on February 26, 2019 at 09:43:08:

In Reply to: Re: State open division posted by daddyo on February 26, 2019 at 03:18:13:

: : : : : : : : : : Is this the first time an open section champion did not get placed in open? The s.d. champion is playing in division 1.

: : : : : : : : : Any San Diego Team would get killed in the open.

: : : : : : : : Interested to learn. Why are there byes? I thought all semi-finalists got in. Why are CIFSS teams competing in one division and then moved down a division for state?

: : : : : : : : Each division at the section level gets moved down a level (or two) at the state level. This is getting a little crazy. Cathedral Catholic is getting a gift playing in D1(#1 seed) to be the 17th best team in the state if they win the title. Same with Madison in D5(#1 Seed also). The state needs to RENAME the divisions. I would recommend a naming style of: CLASS A(Open) to CLASS F(Div 5). In this way all observers could see the "Strength Value" of a championship.

: : : : : : ...D1 playoffs is still loaded. NOBODY HAS A CAKEWALK! Cathedral Catholic has blow out losses to Mater Dei & McClatchy [70-44] (Ranked #8 in D1 Northern side), they also lost to West Torrance, Redondo, Narbonne to start the season before getting a blowout win over Valencia. I would not be surprised if ECR or King takes them out. You never know which ECR team is going to show up, that's their issue and King has been playing real good for most of the season.

: : : : : : BTW only 14 teams in the State Open and in D1 with the Northern side also having a lot of good teams. Just review the WC Jamboree games. If Northern seeds were to play Southern seeds, Vegas would probably have the Northern seeds favorite in most of those matchups on a neutral court.

: : : : : :So, it is basically backing up what I have noticed over the past few seasons. The level of play in S.D. has continued to drop over the past few years. Not even good enough to warrant an OPEN spot anymore. The quality of play in the SS has also dropped. What happened to the basketball players and the coaching? Is all the tall athletes going to VB, Sand VB, lacrosse??? Wow.

: : : : The truly elite players are getting better, as they are training more and starting earlier.

: : : : The problem is, there is a lack of depth of players in general. So there are less elite players, less 2nd and 3rd tier players. So the overall quality of teams are dropping, and there are less "top" teams as the remaining talent is starting to and will continue to consolidate into fewer schools.

: : : : And yes, they are playing other sports, mostly volleyball.

: : : The volleyball guy needs to get off this site. I guess he can't post anywhere else thou since there's no Volleyball site because no one really cares about Volleyball. It shouldn't even be called a sport. You stand on one side because you're afraid of a contact sport and wait for the ball to get to you, then you hit in with the inside of your arms. How stupid.

: : Plus, there is no running in volleyball. That makes it easy for anyone to play.

: agree about decline in quality of play in GBB. Once you get past Open and D-1, quality of play isn't very good.

: OLU won 2AA with a very well coached team that plays great defense-but has no size/inside presence and depends on a couple of great shooters. The talent gap between the current team and the one they put on the court 3-5 years ago is immense.

: And yes, volleyball is the culprit-and the decline will continue to be pronounced, especially at the 2AA level and below.

:Also, don't forget about sand vb. That sport is growing like wild mushrooms. Every school at every level is fielding teams. More scholarships available with NO CONTACT. Girls are signing up for that.

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