Re: What's going on at Alemany??

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Posted by Og on February 22, 2019 at 19:08:27:

In Reply to: Re: What's going on at Alemany?? posted by since you know on February 22, 2019 at 16:31:09:

: : : : : : : : I'm hearing some interesting rumors. Anybody else hearing things? The Johnny G era seems it may be very short-lived.

: : : : : : : Is that why players are leaving?

: : : : : : Whatever rumors your hearing is big lie. Nothing is going on at alemany. Parents expectation are too crazy nowadays... crazy Valencia parent came a create chaos because her daughter is not what the mother think she is. Please stop this stupid rumor

: : : : :
: : : : : People are going to ask questions when, after a promising start to the season, the best player on the team leaves the school, the senior PG quits the team (but comes back before playoffs), and another player quits.

: : : : : It could be nothing, but when things like this happen, and whatever caused it doesn't "get out", people just start drawing their own conclusions.

: : : : : What you say may be the entire reason, but it seems a bit far-fetched players of that caliber leave just because of some newcomer.

: : : : : In reality, no one should care. But this is 2019 and the social media/hype/TMZ age. People (possibly 7th/8th grade families) want to know; and if they can't find out, they will sadly make things up or run with half-truths.

: : : : yeah people should worry about their own lives or call the school or coaches to find out what really happens if you really wants to know instead of creating humors and speculating about what happen. in other words mind your business.

: : : If I was planning to send my daughter to Alemany to play basketball, I would definitely want to know what is going on before I made that decision, when the other private options like Chaminade, Sierra Canyon, Village Christian all have solid coaching situations.

: : And than you have parents who come on this message board and rely on what they read here to help make decisions. If you really want to know what school to attend, go to games, interact with the families, talk to coaches, and for gods sake, talk to your kid!!

: : On another note, the best player didnt quit, she was forced to leave, the senior PG came back, and the player that did leave, never played a league game only summer and an occasional fall game (when she wasnt sick or giving excuses as to why she was missing games)That player was not even a factor. Every school has issues, every program has things that need fixing, but why does everyone really want to know? Make your own minds up. They had a season of adjustments. Its always the parents who ruin programs by spreading rumors......

: Explain "forced to leave". Was only a junior so she's going to where next year? The TRF played until winter break if ya know so much.

Who said they quit??? Once again you're assuming and create false rumors are u a Democrat/liberal or work for cnn because you are full of fake news...
Whatever happen there is the school and the program business.

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