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Posted by DT Sports Reporter on February 21, 2019 at 07:29:20:

In Reply to: Re: Add Rule If You don't win Playoff Game, then... posted by Coach on February 17, 2019 at 20:56:16:

: : : : : : : : Congrats to the 3rd 4th 5th place teams of their leagues that made it to the CIF Championship what a huge accomplishment well deserved. Should be some tough battles for the some of the 3rd 4th & 5th place teams in their league who are playing each other for CIF Championships.

: : : : : : : There are different levels of champions in every section in America. The difference is they do it by school size in most of them and competitive equity in our State. There is no difference. In power states there are d5 teams that win their section that are good enough to compete in d1 but they can't due to enrollment. They rip through the playoffs. Isn't it better that our best 32 teams are aligned in each division based on their ability. This creates close games. Would it be better if they did it on enrollment. You would have 50 point massacres all the way through. There is no perfect situation but this is the closest it gets and you can best believe that other states will follow in our model. As long as there are going to be multiple divisions (there always will be because of money for CIF in hoops and football) there is no other way. Bottom line there are no blowouts anymore and more upsets are happening because there is balance. CIF made sure the 60 point games are a thing of the past.

: : : : : : So if there are no blowouts what is:
: : : : : : 2AA
: : : : : : Rolling Hills Prep 57
: : : : : : Warren 26

: : : : : : Huntington Beach 56
: : : : : : Canyon 20

: : : : : : Roosevelt 80
: : : : : : Bishop Amat 61

: : : : : : Cajon 40
: : : : : : Roosevelt 75

: : : : : : Village christian 71
: : : : : : Buena 49

: : : : : : 2A
: : : : : : El Dorado 74
: : : : : : Rancho Cucamonga 46

: : : : : : Arroyo valley 65
: : : : : : Mira Costa 40

: : : : : : St Mary academy 60
: : : : : : Woodbridge 24

: : : : : : 3AA
: : : : : : Brentwood 70
: : : : : : San Jacinto 40

: : : : : : Knight 53
: : : : : : Yacca valley 26

: : : : : : Granite hills 36
: : : : : : santiago 72

: : : : : : South torrance 64
: : : : : : carter 25

: : : : : : peninsula 73
: : : : : : st joseph 30

: : : : : : St. Bonaventure 61
: : : : : : Antelope Valley 34

: : : : : : These are only a few of the blowouts, there are many 20 plus wins also in the different divisions. The only difference is they are not the usual teams blowing people out. If you went back to divisions you would have some excellent championship games in the different division that the community would want to see not just parents and the school that is playing. This is why CIF is losing money at the event and attendance is down 150,000 fans at championship events since 2014. Football was down 25,000 this year. If you keep moving all the good teams up, you will continue to get 4th and 5th place teams playing on championship day and no one not tied to the school wants to see. When a team can be 2-8 in league and be playing for a CIF title you have a problem.

: : : : : I am talking about blowouts in the finals. Remember the days of SC winning d5 and d4. Finals games were embarrassing. There were too many improperly placed teams in low divisions getting no comp. There are always going to be blowouts in the first round. Actually the spreads of rounds 1 and rounds 2 are much much closer than in the past. Someone posted the stats last year that it was 7 points closer across the board.

: : : : CIFSS is doing better. Except Chaminade beat Keppel 70-46 in a semifinal game so Chaminade should be in open or Keppel in Division 2. Also, Number 1 teams now aren't always making it to finals. Only thing to make it fair is have a rule if you don't win any playoff game in your division then you don't move up as some teams have because they played better competition to get better but still lose in first round. Probably should go down a division. So, do you schedule down so you get moved down and win a couple of playoff games or do you play better competition and then lose in first round in playoffs? Interesting challenge to decide. And the lower division schools don't want to play you because they don't want to play up any divisions. This is supposed to be based on playoffs, so simply say if you don't win a playoff game stay or go down one division. This doesn't effect our school because we don't get club player transfers and we are probably one or two divisions too high. Whoever lives in our community is who plays. In support of CIFSS, with 500 plus schools it's a big challenge.

: : : CIF ought to do away with divisions period. The top 16 teams play in the Open Division. They all get to go to the State Playoffs (4 in open, 8 in Division 1, 4 in D2. The next 16 top ranked teams play in D1 CIF Playoffs with all going to State playoffs (4 to D2, 8 to D3, 4 to D4).The next 16 top teams play in Cif Playoffs D3 with 12 going to State playoffs (4 to D4, 8 to D5) Now you have your top 44 ranked teams going into State Playoffs. Not wasting time or money on teams not deserving. You want to play for Championships then get good enough to play in one of them. It's a joke these lower Championships with teams playing teams that aren't good, don't draw a crowd and just a waste of time. It's like Rec Ball with all these leagues based on performance. Who cares about all these lower divisions? It's ridiculous. If you can't complete than get out of the league. The NBA, NFL, etc. only allow so many teams. The rest play in the minors with no coverage, no one comes to their games, waste of money, etc.

: : Idiot idea. How do you determine any rankings when you are just comparing the teams to each other in general with no initial reference point? The reason you can declare a team an open team is because you can see that they are beating teams in the highest division historically. But if you don't have divisions, you can't reference that history. So how would you conclusively say that 22-5 Windward is better than 23-3 Linfield Christian?

: : With no reference point, you can't. Saying who they played means nothing with no reference point that applies to all teams.

: : Leagues are formed by geographical location. You don't think teams in the Baseline wouldn't love to get away from Etiwanda? Some of the Freeway league teams away from Troy?

: : CIF needs to come up with a formula that accurately places teams into divisions, and they need to stop placing teams before the season starts. They just don't seem to be taking enough information in to make an accurate placement. And stop placing teams at the beginning of the season. Do it at the beginning of the playoffs.

: Formula/divisions could be announced before season and if they see large differences then adjust. Our school has won two playoff games in six years and keeps getting moved up based om who we play. And smaller divisions don't want to play a higher division school. Its high school anyways so stop saying the smaller schools don't matter. These are young human beings. Remember that.

: This system may have its flaws but is much better than one of the pervious methods used which was to place entire leagues into divisions. BTW...I've covered the Linfield Christian team you referenced quite extensively. They have a win against Hemet (3AA playoff qualifier-finished a game behind San Jac & Beaumont for league title) as their signature win. But they weren't afraid to schedule up as a three point loss to Murrieta Mesa & losses against Valley View & Glendora show.

Admittedly the Ambassador didn't give much of a challenge to Linfield but the league got two semifinal teams (Western Christian joining them) and Ontario Christian won a postseason game for the second straight year. Even Aquinas nearly knocked off Barstow ,falling by one in 4AA.

As a reporter I feel guility because with six teams in my coverage area I have to pick just one game Saturday. I'll be at CBU for King's matchup with Chaminade on Saturday

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