What happened to Ayanna Clark?

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Posted by POS on December 02, 2016 at 13:23:23:

Well here's the story. Clark left Poly for St. Anthony in her sophomore year because of her academic troubles at Poly. Clark thought that if you transfer to a new school all of your academic problems disappear. So she goes to St. Anthony or attempted to go and low and behold St. Anthony doesn't let her in because of her grades. So Clark decides to go back to Poly but Poly was full. Clark winds up spending her sophomore year at Long Beach Cabrillo. While at Cabrillo, you would think that Clark would have woken up then but instead she continued down the same path. She was barely carrying a 1.0 GPA and was hardly ever at school.

So now her junior year and Clark is now back at Poly. But once again, you would think that Coach Buggs and the Poly administration would have let Clark back in with some kind of stipulation. Keep your grades up and you will play basketball. But instead they put Clark in PAAL classes across the street from Poly. PAAL classes are usually where Poly sends their athletics to keep their grades up so the kids can remain on the field or the court. PAAL are remedial classes for kids that can't keep in the regular classrooms. So, Poly puts Clark in those classes to maintain or help maintain her GPA. But even still, Clark has had problems. She still can't maintain eligibility and therefore she sat for part of last season and Coach Buggs and Poly found an old LBUSD loophole that allowed a kid to play with a waiver pretty much saying that the kid is ineligible to play but will be allowed to play sports until the semester ends or the next midterm.

Clark should have sat all of last year or most of it because of her grades. Everyone in Long Beach and some coaches outside of Long Beach know that Clark doesn't have the grades but still Poly parades her out there because Coach Buggs and Poly know that if Clark doesn't play then their chances of winning is diminished even thou Poly still has more than enough talent to go around.

Everyone on here keeps saying that they hope this is a wake up call for Clark. To me, she has had many times to wake up and change her current path she is on but neither Clark or the adults around her want to put in the work to make that change. So now Clark is more than likely heading for Mt. SAC. Clark will play out her senior year on the basketball court with a GPA under 2.0. Poly will make sure that Clark is on the court. Clark will not learn that there are consequences in life but instead she will keep having things handed to her as long as she is deemed a talented basketball player.

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